DSM 소식 :  DSM, ‘2021 Shorty Awards’ 최우수 그래픽 부문 수상

By:  Talking Nutrition Editors

  • DSM is delighted to announce that its global ‘Product with Purpose’ campaign has won two prestigious awards: a 2021 Shorty Award in the ‘Best Graphics’ category and silver at the 2021 B2 Awards in the ‘Brand Purpose’ category.
  • The Shorty Awards honors the best of social media and digital by recognizing the top influencers, creators, brands and organizations present across the world’s biggest online platforms, while the B2 Awards, run by the Association of National Advertisers, recognizes the top performing B2B marketers and brands globally.
  • Both wins strengthen the perception that DSM is more than an ingredients supplier to the human nutrition and health market; it is a purpose-led, end-to-end partner that offers a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customized solutions powered by expert services.

The ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign, which reflects DSM’s evolved strategic direction as an end-to-end partner in the global human nutrition and health markets, has brought the company’s broad offering to life through a range of distinct and engaging concepts that express how it sees the individual impact of every product it helps create. By drawing attention to purpose, the campaign demonstrates the company’s unique understanding of the humanity of the end consumer and the real life benefits that nutritional products may have on the health and wellbeing of people worldwide. Where others may see each product as merely an item on a shelf, DSM sees the consumer behind its customers’ solutions. 

Success for DSM’s ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign

“We are so excited that our ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign has been recognized for its creativity and branding. It is a big achievement for a B2B company to win these types of awards and a remarkable honor to follow in the footsteps of hugely successful brands, like Adobe, Comedy Central, Lego, Panasonic and Thermo Fisher Scientific”, says Outi Armstrong, Director Global Marketing Communications, DSM Human Nutrition and Health. “Although I’m exceptionally proud of these great achievements, I’d like to put the spotlight on the real winners – our fantastic team at DSM – who has brought our new positioning to life through a truly imaginative and inspirational campaign. It really is an excellent representation of how we take a consumer-first approach to champion humanity by unlocking the consumer health benefit behind each and every product development we support. The results of this journey speak for themselves – powerful concepts that communicate our strategic platform and expertise across every vertical in an instantly recognizable and memorable way.” 

The ‘Products with Purpose’ creative was rolled out across multiple touchpoints, including trade press, digital advertising and social media, inviting customers to learn more about how partnering with DSM can ignite growth through co-innovation. To date, the largely digital campaign has achieved more than 15 million impressions, signifying the success of the initiative.

In addition to winning the ‘Best Graphics’ award at the Shorty Awards and the silver award for ‘Brand Purpose’ at the B2 Awards, the campaign also saw DSM receive a finalist distinction in the Shorty Awards ‘Best in Brand Redesign’ and ‘Best in Fitness, Health, and Wellness’ categories, as well as a nominee distinction in ‘Best Art Direction’, ‘Best Global Campaign’, ‘Best in Business to Business’, and ‘Best Integrated Campaign’.

A purpose-led partner

Following significant growth through new product development and a strategic focus on key market segments and selected acquisitions, the new brand strategy included restructuring DSM’s broad human nutrition and health portfolio around three key pillars: high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services. It reflects DSM’s position as a reliable, innovative, purpose-led partner and communicates how the extended capabilities include end-market expertise across its early life nutrition, food and beverage, nutrition improvement, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and medical nutrition segments. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner.

Want to learn more about how purpose drives everything at DSM? Find out more at PartnerwithDSM.com

Published on

26 May 2021


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