Ready-To-Go Premixes

DSM Ready-To-Go Premixes are nutrient blends designed based on current market insights and major consumer interest areas.  Backed by science, these functional blends allow you to define and differentiate your products through a simplified, homogenous premix.

Why use DSM Ready-To-Go Premixes?

  • Stay ahead of the market with turn-key solutions based on key consumer insights, trends and lifestyle needs
  • Save on time and costs of product development
  • Reduce complexity in your value chain with a single efficient blend
  • Peace of mind with DSM’s high quality standards
  • Balanced formulations that can be applied in a wide variety of application formats such as beverages, dairy products, and more.

Beauty from Inside Out

Put back in what life takes out. Load up on key nutrients that support the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails, for those who work hard and play hard.

Edible beauty is redefining beauty routines. More and more consumers associate what they eat with how they look.  This segment continues to grow as consumers take a more holistic approach to skincare that combines topical and ingestible elements, to embody what it really means to achieve “wellness from within”.

Recharge Your Energy

Energize the body to expand its limits.

Consumers’ increasingly home-based lifestyles and the slow return to pre-COVID normalcy require new thinking and innovation in the energy category.  Looking beyond physical boosts to offer different forms of physical and mental stimulation can help consumers juggle the multiple roles they play in life and give their best every single day.

Immunity Booster

Maintain a strong line of defense and power up your immune system to resist infections with an optimal nutrient boost.

Immunity is more important today than ever before. Our human body is exposed to a wide range of stimuli everyday that have the potential to compromise our health and wellbeing. With growing evidence indicating the close interrelation of nutrition and immune response, consumers are exploring ways to include more nutrients into their daily consumption.

Build Up Your Bones & Mobility

Nourish stronger and healthier bones through all life stages to meet the demands of an active lifestyle.

Bones play many roles in the body — providing structure, protecting organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. An adequate and constant intake of certain vitamins and minerals help to ensure strong and healthy bones across all stages of life.  Promote bone health and mobility to power performance for the everyday exercise enthusiast or the dedicated athlete.

Protect Your Vision

Keep your vision sharp and protect against digital eye strain and vision degradation at every age.

Phones, tablets, laptops and TVs -- we have our eyes glued to electronic devices wherever we are. As our lives become increasingly dependent on screens and technology, consumers are looking to functional food to help minimize downtime and prevent eye stress.  With growing evidence highlighting the adverse effects of prolonged screen time, consumers want to keep their vision in top form.

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