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Maternal and infant undernutrition in low- and middle-income countries is prolific and has devastating consequences.

It’s the underlying cause of almost half of all deaths in children under five.[1] Substantial evidence has shown that preterm birth and low birth weight (LBW), which are known to be affected by maternal nutrition, are associated with suboptimal child development outcomes.[2]

When healthy diets are out of reach and malnutrition threatens lives, nutrition programs and public health supplementation are cost-effective ways to reach vulnerable women and children with the essential nutrients they need from preconception through childhood.[3] Beyond providing calories, nutrient-dense solutions such as Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods (RUSFs) and Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS), among others, have the potential to save and change lives by supporting adequate nutritional intake at these critical stages of development.


Reaching vulnerable populations with essential nutrition


Fortified blended foods

Widely used around the world as food aid by development and humanitarian agencies, fortified blended foods like Super Cereal and Super Cereal Plus are typically prepared as a porridge by cooking with water for 5 to 15 minuts.4 Made from cereals and grains and enriched with a micronutrient premix, these flour- or meal-type products may contain added vegetable oil, sugar, milk powder and protein-rich ingredients. 

Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods (RUSFs)

Combining heat treated oilseeds, pulses or cereals, sugar, milk powder, vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals, RUSFs like Plumpy’Nut are convenient energy-dense, micronutrient-enriched pastes that can be eaten straight from the sachet.1 Aimed at the prevention and treatment of moderate acute malnutrition, they have benefited many children during critical physical and intellectual growth periods.2

Small quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS)

Designed to provide children aged 6 months and older with essential micronutrients, SQ-LNS can be directly consumed or mixed with foods prepared at home.1 Containing multiple micronutrients in a food base that provides energy, protein and essential fatty acids, these convenient supplements effectively improve nutritional and health outcomes.2,3,4


Multiple Micronutrient powders (MNPs)

Scientifically proven to provide the nutrients that infants and children need for optimal growth and development, MNPs help correct nutritional deficiencies without affecting the taste, consistency or appearance of food.1 MNPs can be sprinkled over home-cooked or school meals, serving as a convenient and cost-effective food-based nutritional intervention that effectively addresses anemia, iron and other deficiencies.2 dsm-firmenich’s MNP packaging is fully compostable and reusable, which provides more sustainable product protection for the benefit of people and planet.3

Multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS)

Beyond strengthening antenatal care and health systems around the world, MMS in various formats from tablets to capsules have the potential to save lives – especially those of women and children.  The WHO recommends MMS as one of eight proven antenatal care interventions that improve birth outcomes.  With a combination of iron, folic acid and various vitamins and minerals, research shows that multiple micronutrient supplements effectively improve birth weight and reduce the risk of preterm birth and infant mortality.

Partnering for progress: Public health supplementation initiatives around the world

Public health supplementation is a key strategy in meeting our commitment to help close the micronutrient gap for 800 million people by 2030. Drawing on decades of experience in nutrition across the lifespan, we bring our scientific insight, technical know-how and industry-leading solutions to help advance nutrition programs globally.

But with ongoing food system disruptions and persistent challenges around supply and delivery and educating target populations about nutritional solutions, global multistakeholder action remains critical to the success of these efforts. To collectively shape policies and scale up public health supplementation interventions worldwide, we call on all nutrition community stakeholders – including governments, donors, academia, businesses and civil society – to step up and join us today. 



Together with UNICEF, we’ve provided 2 million Nigerian children with vital micronutrients through a national micronutrient powder program that has helped save many lives across 17 different states.



Our joint initiative with Africa Improved Foods (AIF) has fed over 1.6 million people in Rwanda with nutritional products like mineral and vitamin-rich porridge for pregnant and lactating mothers and children.



As part of the public-private Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Accelerator, we aim to advance MMS programs to reach 17.5 million pregnant women and their newborns globally.1

The Sight and Life Foundation

With our support, the Sight and Life Foundation nutrition programs and builds viable social business model to benefit vulnerable individuals – especially woman and children – in Rwanda, South Africa, India and Bangladesh.

World Vision International

We’re working with World Vision International to strengthen the healthcare system in the Philippines by improving last-mile demand and supply of multiple micronutrient supplements.

Making a positive impact with quality nutritional solutions

Tailored to the specific needs of local communities in the developing world, our fully customizable solutions are safe, affordable and cost-effective in combating malnutrition and hidden hunger to improve their quality of life. In addition to our high-quality micronutrients, we dedicate our world-class scientific and technical support to co-create exceptional solutions with our partners.

dsm-firmenich has been providing MNPs since these nutritional interventions were first implemented and has a long track record of success which demonstrates our products’ efficacy and reliability. Since launching our first MNP product in 2008, millions of our MNPs have been distributed worldwide by agencies, governments and non-governmental organizations to supplement the diets of children aged from six months to five years.[1]


Premix Solutions

Carefully researched and calibrated blends of functional ingredients to support convenient and efficient food fortification with a single, homogenous product.

Ready to make a greater nutritional impact at scale? 

Let’s explore effective and efficient food fortification strategies that truly transform the global food system. 

Join us to give more children a better start in life

It all begins with good nutrition. Let’s unlock the potential in every individual and help drive a brighter future for all.

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