Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all

Playing our part in a changing world

dsm-firmenich is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. We achieve it by using all the scientific and innovation power at our disposal to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges - creating value for customers, shareholders, our people, and society-at-large.

A brighter future for all

Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything we do at dsm-firmenich – and has done for years. The reason is simple. We don’t want to be successful in a world where the ice caps melt; coral is decimated; millions are left homeless and destitute due to climate change; while hundreds of millions remain undernourished. Sustaining healthy lives for all means better nutrition (especially for the world’s vulnerable) - and all within planetary boundaries. We believe so strongly in sustainability that the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are now woven into our strategy.

Our sustainability commitment falls under three domains

Sustaining healthy lives for all means better nutrition (especially for the world’s vulnerable) - and all within planetary boundaries.

We work to lower our own carbon footprint, deliver solutions that enable a low-carbon economy and advocate for climate action.

As the world’s population continues to grow, we need to stop using up its natural resources - and find new ways of reducing waste. 

Keeping the world’s growing population healthy

We work together with our customers to create a healthier world through products including carotenoids, digestive enzymes, nutritional lipids, nutraceuticals, probiotic and prebiotics and vitamins - as well as customized solutions (coloration solutions, market-ready solutions, premix solutions, shelf-life solutions and personalized nutrition solutions). We help our customers bring their offerings to market faster, more efficiently, and with enduring success; including expert services that help our customers co-innovate at every stage of development and ultimately contribute to a healthier world.

THE nutrition partner of choice

We are the world’s leading supplier of nutritional ingredients for the food and beverage, dietary supplement, early life nutrition, medical nutrition and nutrition improvement industries. In fact, today the global population has benefitted from more than one trillion servings of dsm-firmenich's nutrients in a range of nutritional products. From nutritional lipids, to core vitamins and carotenoids to nutraceuticals and custom nutrient premixes, we’re keeping the world’s growing population healthy through a depth and breadth of capabilities and expertise that are unrivalled in our industry.

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  • Products


    We empower customers to produce exciting new products, as the leading supplier of vitamins, nutritional lipids, nutraceuticals and more.

  • Health Benefits & Solutions

    Health Benefits & Solutions

    Our Health Benefit Solutions give you an edge in the marketplace by addressing major consumers’ health and lifestyle needs.

  • Customized Services and Solutions

    Customized Services and Solutions

    When you partner with dsm-firmenich, you get more than ingredients. You get a reliable partner with the broadest offering in the industry. You get expert advice at every stage of your product’s development. And you get everything your product needs to go from an idea to a product that keeps the world’s growing population healthy.

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