Targeted medical nutrition solutions to support optimal wound repair

The aging population will double by 20501

Prevalence of chronic wounds is 2.21 per 1000 population2

Chronic wounds impact the quality of life3

Chronic wounds impose extra cost for inpatient and outpatient health services3

Premix Solutions for Medical Nutrition

A micronutrient premix is a very important component of many health and nutritional products. It is usually a blend of vitamins and minerals in very specific proportions. In medical nutrition, our capabilities include the managing of highly complex mineral matrix including hydroscopic materials. We are also able to perfectly balance the mineral contributions alongside the sensorial requirements to deliver the health benefits to the patients as well as seniors.


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Optimal Wound Repair

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Create targeted medical nutrition solutions for improved wound healing

In 2021, 537 million adults were living with diabetes and this number, and consequently healthcare cost, are expected to increase.4 Unfortunately, the condition is often poorly controlled, which results in serious complications such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). These non- or poorly healing wounds below the ankle5 develop in up to 34% of diabetic patients.6

Malnutrition and specific micronutrient deficiencies are factors that may further impair wound healing in patients with diabetes.7 Wound healing is a complex process that requires an adequate balance of energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.8 Oral nutrition supplements containing the right nutrients in the right amounts are a convenient format to help patients meet their nutritional requirements.

In this white paper, we explore the latest science-based recommendations for nutritional therapy in patients with or at risk of DFU, and how this is creating new opportunities for tailored medical nutrition innovation.


Expert views on the importance of nutrition and nutritional supplements in chronic wound care management 

Repair ready-to-mix instant beverage

Wounds that fail to progress through the natural healing process become chronic, debilitating, and extremely difficult to treat. Globally, the burden of chronic wounds (including diabetic foot ulcers) ranks in the top 10 causes of disability.9

Nutritional management to support wound repair therefore presents a significant and much-needed therapeutic opportunity.

Discover consumer-inspired Premix Solutions that support customers from concept to patient 

Delivering the right nutritional care to patients and the elderly can make a world of difference to their quality of life. That’s why we’ve developed Premix Solutions that are based on clinical and market insights and are fully customizable, so you can create targeted medical nutrition products for specific health conditions and needs.

With our operational excellence, unparalleled technical and regulatory expertise and industry-defining quality standards, we can support you beyond ingredients from ideation to launch – and beyond.

Superior Operations in Asia Pacific:
premix plants
35+ formulation experts
380+ medical nutrition formulations 

Adapt to any business and challenge with direct support in APAC


1,500+ unique premix formulations and over 12,000 tons of high-quality premix produced annually

2,000+ premix ingredients. Global sourcing assures the best access to 3rd party ingredients


Agile production network, including
10 blender types that provides best-in-
class flexibility

Together, we can co-create your next breakthrough product

Our fully customizable Premix Solutions are powered by expert services that support you throughout your product development journey, including: application and technical services, insights on science, market trends and consumer behaviour, as well as regulatory and quality services.

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