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Optimizing nutritional care in cancer patients

Cancer cachexia is a prevalent and complex wasting condition in patients with cancer, marked by significant muscle and weight loss, anorexia, weakness and anemia. Not only does it negatively affect a patient’s quality of life, but it also adversely impacts their prognosis and therapy outcomes.

Optimized medical nutrition solutions help to support cancer patients suffering with cachexia by improving appetite and food intake, boosting immune function and reducing the inflammation associated with the condition, whilst also reducing the risk of interruption to anticancer treatments. Download our guide to discover how medical nutrition solutions targeted towards this condition may positively impact the health of cancer patients.

Enhancing quality of life in cancer patients

Nutritional therapies including protein, omega-3 fatty acids and specific vitamins and minerals help to manage cancer cachexia by improving appetite, food intake, weight and muscle mass. Learn more to support patients with cancer cachexia, and improve their quality of life, via insight-led medical nutrition innovation.

Nutritional lipids in medical nutrition: maintaining muscle health in elderly and cancer patients

Preserving muscle health and decreasing the risk of muscle loss is becoming increasingly relevant as the number of sarcopenia and cancer cachexia cases rise worldwide. This whitepaper outlines the emerging role of the omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA, in supporting individuals experiencing muscle loss as the result of aging or disease.

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