Essentials for healthy aging

Nutritional solutions that add more life to years.

Healthy aging requires a lifelong focus

Healthy aging starts with the first 1,000 days and requires a lifelong focus. Our solutions address heart health, brain health, mobility, eye health, gut health and immunity. To learn more about how key nutrients support healthy aging, download out latest infographic.

How to Better Serve the Nutritional Needs of the Aging Population

With recent medical advances, humans are living longer than ever, making healthy aging an increasingly important concept. In a recent global survey, 65% of consumers reported concern about protection against disease as they age. DSM's Health Benefit Solutions include Essentials for healthy aging, with nutritional solutions to support heart and brain health, mobility, immunity and more. We can help you get to market faster with health and lifestyle solutions that take you further. Discover Essentials for healthy aging.

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With a wide variety of factors capable of negatively impacting immunity, there is a growing need for solutions that can support immune function.

Our nutritional lipids support heart health, brain health, muscle health, vision, immunity, bone health and general aging.

Our nutraceuticals include innovative, healthy-aging solutions like Fruitflow®, OatWell®, and Reducose®.

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