CanolaPRO® plant protein

Taking human nutrition to the next level

Healthy and sustainable protein

What if we could take one of the world’s most common plants…and unlock the protein within to create a whole new generation of healthy and sustainable products? Here at DSM, we’re firmly focused on developing proteins of the future that help the global food industry meet the fast-changing needs of consumers. The first fruit of these labors? A unique plant-based protein derived from non-GMO canola (or rapeseed) - called CanolaPRO®.

The rise of alternative proteins

The global market for alternative proteins is expected to reach €140-150 billion by 2025 - and it’s being driven by consumers who want food and beverages that are not only healthier for them, but also better for the planet.

In 2019, DSM published a consumer insights report on the plant-based diet, called Plant Power. Our independently commissioned research found that nearly two-thirds of meat reducers surveyed were doing so primarily for health reasons. Meanwhile, a similar proportion believe they should cut down on the amount of animal products they consume in order to be more sustainable. The message is clear: demand for alternative proteins is rising fast.

Proteins of the Future

For the global food & beverage industry, the rise in more health-and-planet conscious eaters represents both a huge opportunity and a challenge. Consumers want alternative protein products that not only take the eating experience to the next level in terms of texture, taste and mouthfeel – but also contain good nutritional content, with a minimal environmental footprint.

It was this challenge that sparked the bright minds at DSM to create the Proteins of the Future (POFU) venture. Specifically, POFU is about using our extensive experience in food science and biotechnology to fulfil the unmet needs of manufacturers for nutritious and functional proteins, helping to differentiate products from the competition. The first of these is CanolaPRO®.

Introducing CanolaPRO®

CanolaPRO® is a sustainable, plant-based protein source from the canola (or rapeseed) plant that improves vegan and vegetarian products. First and foremost, it delivers a clean taste with good texture and a smooth mouthfeel. But it’s also high in nutrition and very easy for humans to digest (containing all the amino acids we need): better in fact than soy, pea, rice, and wheat gluten proteins.

Furthermore, CanolaPRO® is non-GMO, gluten-free, non-dairy, and is produced via a unique, solvent-free extraction process, preserving the nutritional and functional benefits of the protein. All of which makes it ideal for manufacturers looking to stand out on the shelves with the cleanest and most nutritious labels possible.

A unique technology

Canola is the bright yellow plant that can be seen growing in fields across much of the world and is traditionally used for animal feed and cooking oils. Here at DSM, we have developed a patented process and technology that starts with the by-product of vegetable oil production - the crushed seeds that form the canola meal - and yields a high-quality protein that can be included in a wide range of foods and beverages.

Crucially, we’re able to achieve this via a light-touch processing method that preserves the functionality and nutritional quality of the protein within. All of which means that not only is CanolaPRO® a healthy plant protein, it’s a sustainable one – contributing to responsible consumption and production methods.

A world of applications

For food manufacturers, CanolaPRO® improves the taste and texture of products including meat alternatives such as burger patties for a closer-to-meat experience. It improves the mouthfeel and protein levels of dairy alternatives, from plant-based beverages to yogurt and ice cream. CanolaPRO® boosts the protein levels and nutritional profiles of products in the fast-growing lifestyle and wellness category, including protein shakes. It also provides a range of functional and nutritional benefits for grocery staples such as bread, sauces, and juices or smoothies.

CanolaPRO® is ideal for food manufacturers craving both flexibility and versatility in the healthy and sustainable products they offer. That’s why we believe it’s a true protein of the future.

Help us create tomorrow’s proteins today

If all the canola protein in the world today was used for human consumption, it could provide enough protein for 500 million people. Which is why we’ve teamed up with the leading producer and processor of canola, Avril Groupe, to bring CanolaPRO® to market by early 2022 - at scale.

The possibilities are endless. We intend to explore every one of them. And if you feel the same way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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