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Delivering scientific support and substantiation

We provide expert support around life sciences, particularly nutrition sciences, tailored to your product applications and target consumers. We elaborate the scientific substantiation to meet the requirements of different stakeholder groups, including academia, the scientific community, regulatory experts, healthcare professionals, and consumers. Our science-led advice enables you to design and market nutritional solutions based on health benefit acumen.


Vitamin D and Immunity

Did you know that vitamin D is showing significant promise in the immunity market? Download our new whitepaper to explore the latest science behind vitamin D nutrition and immune health and how this is creating innovation opportunities for dietary supplement manufacturers.

Optimize your Immunity

A wide range of factors can have a negative impact on the body’s natural defense system. This white paper explores how nutritional solutions can help to optimize immune responses for population groups and individuals.

Empower your Mind

Mental performance and wellbeing are import consumer health concerns. Substantial evidence discussed in this paper highlights the role that nutrition can play supporting brain health across the lifecycle.

Upgrade your Vision

Eye health continues to be a challenge for healthcare services worldwide. Significant research presented in this whitepaper explains the role nutrition may play in protecting eye health across all life stages. 

The benefits of Nutritional Lipids

This publication discusses the latest evidence on nutritional lipids in supporting human health across the life span. While substantiating the well-known benefits, it also explores the positive impact on lesser known areas of health.

Guard your Heart

Cardiovascular health is one of the biggest challenges to human health. Scientific evidence presented in this whitepaper underpins the importance of nutrition in a practical approach supporting heart health.

Essentials for Healthy Aging

Maintaining health and nutrition as we age is a critical concern for people across the world. As such, the concept of healthy aging presented in this whitepaper is becoming more important than ever.

Fruitflow® for a healthy blood flow

The key to a heart health is managing cholesterol and triglycerides levels, blood pressure and blood flow. This whitepaper introduces Fruitflow® - a natural solution supporting a healthy blood flow

The concept of nutrient-energy density

In a changing market environment – lifestyle, aging, overweightness - the concept of nutrient-energy density offers opportunities to develop products that enable consumers to choose appealing diets.

Benefits of an optimal omega-3s status

This whitepaper draws on the latest scientific and market data to demonstrate the role of omega-3s in supporting human health, discussing vital functions in different health areas

Air pollution and cardiovascular health

Air pollution is a serious health concern that can lead to serious health issues. This whitepaper discusses nutrition-associated solutions, which can play a role in tackling the detrimental effects on health.


Essential Lipids Education Program - 1

Food, energy and life operate in compartments separated by membranes made of proteins and lipids. Learn about each compartment and its complex network of events that support a healthy life.

Essential Lipids Education Program - 2

Most food energy intake is expended by basal metabolism and physical activity. Many people however have more stored energy in fat than needed. Learn about the effects of food energy and dietary lipids on health.

Essential Lipids Education Program - 3

Learn about the bioactive forms of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the different dynamics for n-3 and n-6 eicosanoid actions and their effects on health.

Essential Lipids Education Program - 4

Transport of vital nutrients from a mother to her developing child depends on a balanced supply of essential nutrients and energy. Learn about the role of nutritional lipids in human development.


The Road to Good Nutrition

This is a work of advocacy, whose objective is to inform about the relationship between nutrition security and public health. It draws on the thinking and experience of renown experts in the field of nutrition and public health.

Good Nutrition

This book showcases the thinking of some of today’s most respected scientists. With clear presentation and argumentation, it offers a composite view of where global nutrition stands today and approaches for positive change.

Vitamins Basics

Vitamins are needed for processes that create or use energy, with each vitamin having important and specific functions within the body. Aside from vitamin D3, vitamins are not produced by the human body and must be obtained via the diet. Discover the vitamins basics.

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