dsm-firmenich: combining the essential, the desirable and the sustainable

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  • dsm-firmenich and Firmenich have joined forces to create dsm-firmenich, a new company that unites two industry leaders in nutrition, health and beauty. 
  • dsm-firmenich has a workforce of nearly 30,000 employees in almost 60 countries, 340 global sites, including 15 research and development facilities and a further 40 creation centers, as well as more than 75 application laboratories and over 150 premix and manufacturing facilities.   
  • Read on to find out how this merger of equals will bring progress to life to create positive change and make a difference in the world.

Uniting iconic companies for greater innovation   

The creation of dsm-firmenich brings together two iconic companies with shared values that are both powered by world-class science. We’ve joined forces to reach new heights and achieve an even bigger impact. As innovators in nutrition, health and beauty, dsm-firmenich reinvents, manufactures and combines vital nutrients, flavors and fragrances for the world’s growing population to thrive. With our comprehensive range of solutions, natural and renewable ingredients and renowned science and technology capabilities, we work to create what is essential for life, desirable for consumers and more sustainable for the planet. 

Structured for success  

dsm-firmenich is organized into four distinct high-performing businesses, rooted in complementary world-class scientific research and manufacturing excellence. Together, these businesses are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize their ambitions and address evolving consumer needs and wants.

  • Health, Nutrition & Care supports people to proactively look after their health. Our global team of experts know exactly what it takes to fuel consumers’ highest health ambitions – at every stage of life, all around the world. We add critical nutrients to a huge range of people’s diets: whether young, old or living in vulnerable populations. But it doesn’t stop here. We drive medical innovation forward, speeding up recovery and enhancing quality of life.   
  • Animal Nutrition & Health delivers healthy animal proteins efficiently and sustainably, harnessing the power of data to make animal farming practices more sustainable, productive and transparent. 
  • Perfumery & Beauty creates superior scents with proven benefits and consumers at the forefront. We create fragrances that smell amazing and make people feel even better, using the best and largest palette of natural, synthetic and biotech ingredients. 
  • Taste, Texture & Health helps customers create food and beverage products that are delicious, nutritious, affordable and sustainable. We provide enjoyment and nourishment for consumers, business success for customers and better health for people and planet.

Sustainability is woven into everything we do 

dsm-firmenich will build upon the sustainability leadership of DSM and Firmenich to minimize our impact on the environment, address food system challenges and – ultimately – drive sustainable change. As one company, we are excited to start setting our own specific targets and strategies, tailored to a shared world view. We’ve been deeply invested in a sustainable future for many years and in 2016, we set climate targets to track our progress as we accelerate our route to net-zero for a healthier, cleaner and more resilient future. From 2016-2022, dsm-firmenich already reduced scope 1 and 2 absolute emissions by 35% and value chain emissions by 17%. We also purchased 78% renewable energy and improved water efficiency by 7.2% compared to 2016. dsm-firmenich has a strong vision to continue to improve our overall carbon footprint, enable our customers to deliver healthy solutions through sustainable innovations and advocate for system transformations. 

What does the merger mean for customers? 

Business continuity is our priority and we are focused on delivering the highest standards of service and dedication that customers already expect from us. Together, we can further accelerate innovation for our customers in the distinct markets they serve. dsm-firmenich is uniquely positioned to anticipate and address evolving consumer needs in nutrition, health and beauty that will generate new growth opportunities for our partners. You may notice changes to our brand experience on and offline, as we work to update our numerous customer-facing touchpoints. But rest assured, we are still your same end-to-end, purpose-led partner, powered by experts to deliver high quality, science-backed nutrition and health products and customized solutions. 

Future innovations 

With an unrivaled network of R&D, creation and application facilities, and a team of 2,000 scientists, dsm-firmenich is an innovation powerhouse. We’re committed to using our capabilities to make a positive impact and address some of the world’s biggest challenges. Our diverse worldwide team of nearly 30,000 employees strives to be a force for good. Because caring about customers, communities, people and the planet is the right thing to do. We are working on some exciting early concepts and, as we collaborate more and more, opportunities in nutrition, health and beauty with dsm-firmenich will only grow. The future looks bright, and we can’t wait to bring positive change for the world with the support of our customers and partners. 

To learn more about dsm-firmenich, visit our company website:

Published on

12 July 2023


4 min read

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