Interview with personalized nutrition pioneers: an insider view on new DSM-backed health tech company, Hologram Sciences

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  • DSM is proudly backing its new consumer-facing health tech company, Hologram Sciences, which aims to provide personalized health solutions through diagnostics, digital coaching and nutrition.
  • Hologram Sciences focuses on personalizing the nutrition value chain all the way to the consumer, offering a digital platform, which provides individuals with access to registered dieticians, data-driven diagnostics, custom-formulated products and information to help them improve their health through optimized nutrition and lifestyle choices.
  • We speak to James Bauly, Head of Personalized Nutrition at DSM, Ian Brady, CEO of Hologram Sciences, and Jessica Graham, CMO of Hologram Sciences, to find out more about the mission behind the launch and what it means for the personalized health industry.

This month saw the launch of Hologram Sciences, a consumer-facing health tech company backed by a $100mil investment from DSM. In a time where consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about their health, Hologram Sciences provides individuals with personalized diagnostics and holistic health management solutions. A disruptor in technology and health industries, Hologram Sciences leverages a sophisticated AI platform to provide tailored wellness solutions which center around nutrition, helping people to live healthier lives. 

As a purpose-led, science-based company committed to creating brighter lives for all, DSM is investing in personalized nutrition and creating strategic partnerships to make a real-world difference to consumers that are passionate about making health a priority. The new subsidiary enhances DSM’s access across the entire supply chain of the personalized nutrition field, enabling further innovation and providing more customized solutions across the industry – from concept to consumer. And with DSM’s investment, Hologram Sciences has access to science-backed products, customized solutions and expert services, bringing together the very best talent from around to world and creating the only fully integrated personalized nutrition solution platform, helping empower customers to make data-driven, conscientious choices around their health and wellness. 

We speak to Ian Brady, the founder and CEO of Hologram Sciences, Jessica Graham, CMO of Hologram Sciences, and DSM’s Head of Personalized Nutrition, James Bauly, to find out more about the mission behind the new launch and plans for the future.

1. What was the reason for launching Hologram Sciences?

Brady: I was actually working in finance prior to launching Hologram Sciences, having co-founded the financial services firm SoFi. However, when my wife was diagnosed for the third time with gestational diabetes, I began to research more about nutrition and health to try to help. I struggled to find personalized nutrition advice at the level we required, and therefore saw a gap in the market. In creating Hologram Sciences, my aim is to support other families facing similar issues, by making personalized nutrition a more accessible option. Hologram Sciences is for everyone though – not just people with existing health conditions. Holistic wellness can improve every life, and we wanted to provide a platform based on inclusivity, integrity and accountability which helps to offer the kind of information consumers need to support their health.

Bauly: The launch of Hologram Sciences is another example of how DSM is supporting its customers as an end-to-end partner. The personalized nutrition sphere is growing, and we’re at the forefront of these initiatives by backing companies like Hologram Sciences, which is paving the way in this market by integrating industry-leading scientific research with consumer-facing digital platforms. We’re really excited to be on board at the ground level with Hologram Sciences, and to combine the learnings with our existing expertise to create new value for our partners. Our investment in Hologram Sciences fortifies our new strategy, structured around our goals of providing purpose-led high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services to our customers. Through this, we can combine a range of capabilities and resources, including those accessed through the talent, agile approach and rapid brand development at Hologram Sciences, to enhance the value chain of personalized nutrition all the way to the consumer.

2. What part has DSM played in the launch of Hologram Sciences?

Bauly: Hologram Sciences is a subsidiary of DSM – with DSM investing $100mil in the launch of the new company. At DSM, we have the strength of decades of science and technology expertise, innovation, production and supply of science-backed ingredients and market ready solutions in the nutrition industry. Hologram Sciences will boost our existing personalized nutrition offering through its digital and consumer-facing brand development capabilities, again redefining what it means for us to be a true end-to-end partner.

Brady: Overall, we continue to work closely with DSM on all of our brands, combining our agile mindset for fast development and route to market with DSM’s strengths in scientific and technological innovation, supply of ingredients and production of Market-ready solutions. These vastly different business structures enable us to tackle the toughest and most important topics in personalized nutrition in order to ensure a truly individual, data-driven and effective experience for consumers. DSM’s innovation experience and R&D collaborations offer the support and insight we need to really optimize our platform and complement our capabilities.

3. What will the new company do to support consumers in their health and wellness goals?

Brady: As a consumer-facing company, we understand the importance of providing our customers with a direct link to the information they need. That’s why we work on all parts of the value chain: from concept to consumer.  

Graham: In order to get the most out of our offering, the consumer can take advantage of our holistic solution with a combination of health diagnostics, tailored digital coaching and personalized nutrition to help make sure that our customers feel supported, regardless of the goal. We use a combination of AI and live coaching to develop the personalized insights, and daily feedback will offer tools to promote healthy changes. The platform gives access to registered dieticians and expert advice to help the consumer better understand how their lifestyle impacts their overall health. Finally, the custom-formulated products span beyond tablets, including novel and convenient delivery formats like powders and gummies to maintain the personalization of the service and meet individual consumer preferences.

4. What innovations or areas of wellness are Hologram Sciences currently exploring?

Brady: Hologram Sciences’ first concept has been launched this month around immunity, which is really exciting. Harnessing DSM’s scientific research and nutrition innovation, combined with our team of experts in tech and brand marketing, we’ll be looking at the current concern surrounding immune health and offering rapid solutions to help individuals better understand their own immune health status and what they can do to build a stronger, more resilient immune system. 

Bauly: The innovations within Hologram Sciences are unique because they truly focus on the individual consumer, creating purpose-led solutions which provide real holistic health benefits on a personal level. Immunity solutions are currently in the spotlight due to the ongoing pandemic; however, immune health is only the start for Hologram Sciences. We continue to invest in this space to build on our position as the only fully integrated platform partner in this field with a robust pipeline of end-to-end solutions across multiple health benefits. 

Graham: It’s really about innovating in the health industry based on the changing consumer concerns, so immunity seemed a really natural and important choice for our first project launch. If we’re going to build a platform based on accountability, it’s crucial that we listen to consumers and give them product solutions that they need.

5. What’s next for Hologram Sciences?

Brady: We’re just starting out as a company, but we have big plans. We’re always looking for the next innovation opportunity to help consumers in every element of their wellness experience, and we’re identifying and evaluating a range of key health benefit areas to target after the launch of our immunity concept. Women’s health, pre-diabetes and sports performance, for example, are some topics that we’ve been looking into for the near future.

Graham: The aim is to launch two or three large-scale concepts per year, so we’re always working on the next project. It’s great to have the support of DSM too – especially as we further develop our Personalized Nutrition ecosystem and continue to partner with more companies to collaborate on scientific research, consumer insights, diagnostics, technology and product innovation. 

Bauly: DSM invests in and collaborates with purpose-led companies that are on the cutting edge of innovation in their fields to produce industry-leading concepts and innovations that meet consumers’ evolving needs and preferences. We can’t wait to see where Hologram Sciences goes from here, but we expect to see the company making waves in the health industry very soon.

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11 May 2021


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