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Health tech company Hologram Sciences launches personalized health & nutrition innovation with $100 million backing

NYC (NY), US, 05 Apr 2021 08:45 EST/14:45 CEST

Backed by dsm-firmenich, Hologram seeks to disrupt nutrition marketplace by offering consumer-facing personalized solutions

Royal dsm-firmenich, a global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, announced the launch of Hologram Sciences, a consumer-facing company that will create brands targeting various health conditions. By combining health diagnostics, digital coaching and personalized nutrition, Hologram Sciences brands will provide consumers with more holistic solutions to manage their health. The mission-driven company combines top Silicon Valley talent, formerly of Uber, Fitbit and Facebook.

Hologram Sciences is backed with a $100 million investment by Royal dsm-firmenich, which has made personalized nutrition a key pillar in its nutrition strategy, allowing the company to combine a range of capabilities and resources to cover the entire personalized nutrition value chain all the way to the consumer. Hologram Sciences will provide state-of-the-art consumer-facing personalized nutrition solutions that have been clinically proven to address a variety of consumer health needs. As solutions are validated in-market, they will be available to dsm-firmenich customers. Hologram will also work to incubate products with dsm-firmenich customers and partners, based on the latest consumer insights and leveraging their agile approach.

Ian Brady, who co-founded U.S. financial services firm SoFi (NYSE; IPOE), will lead Hologram Sciences. Brady transitioned from a successful career in finance to health tech after his wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes for the third time. In his research to find a personalized nutrition service for his wife and others, he came up empty, prompting this entrepreneur to create one.

I am excited to be advancing the availability of personalized nutrition so no one else needs to go through the struggles my family experienced,” Brady said. “With a highly dynamic team combining expertise in tech, brand marketing, and the nutrition innovation and science power of dsm-firmenich, we can reveal that our first solution will be a rapid immunity concept, addressing the current acute concern over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic."

Along with nutritional supplements and diagnostics, the company’s proprietary digital platform will provide consumers with a personalized experience including access to registered dietitians, allowing them to better understand how their lifestyle, nutrition and other factors impact overall health and what they can do to live healthier lives.

We’re thrilled to fund a powerful, data-driven platform that’s fused with dsm-firmenich’s capabilities and product resources,” said Dimitri de Vreeze, Co-CEO at dsm-firmenich. “With the help of key experts - including nutritionists, dietitians, scientists and advisors - Hologram Sciences will be taking personalized nutrition to a new level for consumers and dsm-firmenich’s customers.”

The focus on wellness and nutrition is a core value within Hologram Sciences itself, where leaders built a value system based on integrity, accountability and inclusiveness.

We’re looking to bring mission-driven change to the wellness marketplace by recruiting a passionate team,” said Hologram Sciences chief marketing officer, Jess Graham, who previously served as global head of consumer product marketing for Instagram. “We want to create a world where Hologram Sciences products are the best in helping people live healthier lives.

Hologram Sciences is rapidly expanding its team to bring together people who are passionate about using pioneering science and technology to reimagine the future of nutrition. Graham and Brady will be joined by an experienced, entrepreneurial and global executive team that includes:

  • Nate Matusheski, Ph.D., chief science office
  • Thomas McMennemin, chief product officer
  • Laura Artigas, chief commercial officer

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