Field Visit to Fortified Kernels Production Plant

| Chon Buri, Thailand

| Saturday, 21 March 2020 09:00 - 18:30

Experience Post-Harvest Rice Fortification Firsthand

Why make rice more nutritious?

The fortification of staple foods such as wheat, oil and rice, is a well-established, trusted and proven method of addressing micronutrient deficiencies on a large scale, in a cost-effective way and with good consumer and beneficiary acceptance.

Rice is eaten by over half of the global population, making it the world’s number one staple food. It is consumed in many low and middle-income countries, where deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, also called micronutrients, are known to be high.

Rice is a good source of energy and a natural source of vitamins and minerals, but neither milled white nor brown rice provide a significant quantity of micronutrients compared to the daily recommended intakes. In addition, the milling process removes both the fat and nutrient-rich bran layers, which produces the commonly consumed and starch-rich white rice.

Making rice more nutritious by fortifying it post-harvest with essential vitamins and minerals is a promising intervention for the many rice-eating countries facing micronutrient deficiencies and could be a game changer for malnutrition.

Field Visit to Fortified Kernels Production Plant

DSM, in conjunction with the GAIN Second Global Summit on Food Fortification, is pleased to invite you on a field trip to Thai Instant Products (TIP), DSM’s partner in rice fortification production in Asia.

See firsthand DSM’s hot extrusion fortification technology for rice fortification, the most globally-used,  robust and cost-effective method of adding vitamins and minerals to rice, allowing also for other nutrients to be included, such as fibers or amino acids, to enhance the overall nutritional value of the product, without impacting its taste. 


  • Depart from the Landmark Bangkok Hotel in the morning for TIP’s state-of-the-art rice fortification production facility in Chon Buri, Thailand
  • Introduction to rice fortification and hot extrusion technology
  • Lunch
  • Tour of fortified rice kernels production plant with live production
  • Q&A with technical experts
  • Return to the Landmark Bangkok Hotel by 18:30

Registration Information

For safety reasons, we are limiting spaces on this trip to no more than 35 participants. Should there be overwhelming demand, a second trip on either Monday 23 or Tuesday 24 March will be considered.

Please complete this form before 14 February to register for the field trip. Note that completion of this form does not guarantee a place; you will receive an email to inform if your place is confirmed, or if we are unable to accommodate but can offer an alternative date.

There are no fees for the field visit, which includes transportation and lunch. Due to the early departure from Bangkok, please ensure that you have booked your accommodation for the night of 20 March inclusive.

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