Our markets

Personal care ingredients for a wide range of markets

A broad portfolio of skin actives and superior service that meets the needs of the skin care market

DSM capitalizes on its more than 40 years of expertise in skin biology to translate scientific findings into tangible consumer benefits in many areas of skin care. Today our broad portfolio of skin actives and bioactive skin care ingredients includes synthetic peptides, organically grown plant extracts and other natural ingredients, and vitamins for cosmetic applications.

Ingredients are just one aspect of the comprehensive expertise we offer to support our skin care customers. Our dedicated team of sensory experts works to verify sensory claims for different formulations, for example, while concepts such as CORNEOCARE™ or House of Naturals and our ready-to-use formulations have been developed to inspire customers and deliver on specific skin care needs.

To continue to bring relevant solutions to the market DSM is always innovating. Recent research activities include identifying promising ingredients and compounds through molecular modeling; using facial mapping technology to make the benefits of our products more tangible to consumers; and developing tailored products for different ethnicities.  Our current research focus takes us into uncharted territory, with the goal of creating groundbreaking microbiome skin care ingredients for our customers.

DSM’s UV filter products and services – tradition transformed

Drawing on 40 years’ experience of producing, selecting and blending UV filters, DSM applies original thinking to established science to deliver innovative, future-fit sun protection customers and consumers can trust.

Our approach to sun care is consumer-led, holistic and guided by the work of the DSM UV Task Force - a team of experts who monitor regulatory developments and current environmental, health and societal concerns to make sure our solutions are forward-looking and sustainable. Our portfolio of high-performance UV filter ingredients meets differing regulatory and consumer requirements across the world. We also innovate constantly, drawing on our unique skin competencies to provide actives and vitamins to enhance sun protection. Our sensory modifiers, for example, can be added to sunscreens to improve their feel on the skin, or used to incorporate sun care formulations into novel, hybrid beauty and skin care products.

Our holistic approach extends to our customer services as well. Our UV Task Force is there to bring you the facts about UV filters and new sun care formulations. We also provide full claim substantiation; a free online Sunscreen Optimizer™ to help customers develop and fine-tune sunscreen formulations before they begin SPF testing; formulations and concepts for specific user groups; and the expertise of our sensory evaluators who can help customers enhance and improve the sensory properties of sunscreen products. Finally, through our Safer Under the Sun program we are working with customers to raise awareness of the risks of skin cancer and to encourage consumers to use sun protection regularly.

50 years of scientific know-how, game-changing hair care solutions

Our hair care teams draw on DSM’s long-standing expertise in polymer technologies to design forward-thinking and imaginative products that deliver outstanding hair care and styling benefits. From strong, versatile hair styling ingredients, to powerful, dependable hair conditioning polymers, our portfolio has everything you need to create novel and playful hair care applications that don’t compromise on results. We can also call on our sun care and skin care expertise to combine multiple consumer benefits into bespoke formulations – by incorporating UV protection or scalp care, for example.

In this dynamic and trend-driven segment, flexibility and diversification are the key to staying ahead. So DSM also develops packages of ingredients, formulations, and concepts to respond to specific needs, such as a desire for natural looking hair, volume, or firm hold with a weightless feel. What’s more, through our cross-disciplinary innovation capabilities, collaborations, and rich innovation pipeline, we are working to expand our portfolio - constantly pushing boundaries to develop new technical and performance solutions with sustainability at their heart.

Skin actives and cosmetic ingredients for body care and make-up: a new market

DSM’s formulation expertise and broad personal care portfolio, including its blue-light and UV ingredients, bioactive skincare, vitamins, and high-quality, scientifically and consumer tested sensory modifiers, have much relevance for the body care and make-up sector. 

Our activities in this market are in their early days, but we can already draw on an in-depth knowledge of skin biology and the epidermis, and thorough understanding of dry facial skin conditions, to develop formulations for body care products. Similarly, our effective range of sensory and visual modifiers is also suitable for make-up products with innovative textures that feel pleasant and are easy to apply at the same time as delivering visual benefits.

Scents to live by – aroma ingredients for home and body

With 40 years’ experience and expertise in the complex process of building aromas, DSM prides itself on producing the highest quality aroma ingredients from reliable, sustainable and traceable sources. Our portfolio of atmosphere-enhancing aromas is tailored to both home and body and designed to respond to the needs of our customers. With DSM you can be confident of aromas that are true to scent and delivered ethically and sustainably. As vitamins are a vital ingredient in the aroma market, we are also proud to be the world’s largest backwards-integrated supplier of vitamins for personal care.

Our advanced chemical and biochemical know-how alongside our unique technology and production infrastructure keeps us one step ahead of the curve, while our innovative products include new and familiar molecules and intermediates that support brands’ drive for success.

In other words, our Bright Science ethos helps our aroma customers to keep innovating and producing products of the highest purity and quality that put a smile on consumers’ faces.