Satisfying the demand for environmentally friendly personal care ingredients

Today's consumers know their ingredients. Research has found that many facial skincare users look for specific characteristics, and high on the list are natural cosmetic ingredients with green credentials.1 People are particularly concerned about the impact chemicals in their toiletries have on their health and the condition of their skin and hair. With more people stating a willingness to change their lifestyles to benefit the planet, consumers are also looking for the peace of mind associated with personal care products that are safe for the environment.
What's more, consumers are becoming increasingly ideological in their buying preferences, tending to identify personally with brand philosophies that fit with ethical and environmentally conscious values. Brands that truly want to boast green credentials therefore need to adopt a fully natural approach, placing sustainability at the center every step of the way, from sourcing, to production methods to packaging.

Adopting a sustainable approach to science

'Green Chemistry’ focuses on designing products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances. Twelve key principles set out what is needed for a greener chemical process or product, for example, waste prevention, designing safer chemicals, and use of sustainable raw materials.

Naturally derived products fulfill the principles of green chemistry and aim to respond to growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly, ethically sourced ingredients.

Where science and nature meet

Consumers may be drawn to natural and sustainable cosmetic ingredients, but they also want skincare products that work.2 DSM understands these requirements, as its new formulation to combat enlarged facial pores and age spots illustrates. Our researchers took inspiration from the hydroxystearic acid which is widely distributed in fermented healthy Asian food and is produced with a biotechnological process that meets both DSM’s high standards on sustainability and the principles of green chemistry. BEAUACTIVE® also comes with full scientific substantiation and proven results.

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    The natural skin care ingredient BEAUACTIVE® gives skin an improved appearance after the age of 30 due to a visible reduction of conspicuous facial pores and age spots.

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