How can we get a natural healthy glow, all year round?

We all love that natural  sun-kissed glow that we get from a summer holiday. Naturally bronzed skin makes us feel beautiful and confident, healthier and revitalised. But a summer break only comes around once a year, and in the meantime, our busy everyday lives can leave us feeling tired, and our skin looking dull. Quick-fixes, like make-up or self-tanners, are only superficial, and sometimes even artificial. What if we could have something that works with skin, not just on it? 

Consumers value having some tan to look good & healthy and feel confident

Beauty standards have evolved towards a more natural  effect, moving away from deep tanning. With a just back from holiday look, people feel more youthful, beautiful & confident enough to wear less make-up confirmed by Lucy, part of our “DSM Consumer Insight Hub”.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Benzoyl Dipeptide-18 D-Phenylalanyl Arginyl
    D-Tryptophan Dipropylamide Mesylate
  • Designed to highly selectively boost MC1R (or Melanocortin-1 receptor)1: MC1R is the master regulator of skin tanning and also strengthens skin defenses from within
  • Vegetable glycerin-based aqueous solution 
  • No preservatives 
  • PEG free
  • Vegan-friendly 


In vitro scientific evidence, not intended to be final product claim


  • Natural healthy glow in just 5 days
  • Prolonged summer bronze
  • Personalised result, bespoke complexion
  • Strengthens skin’s natural defenses from within

Mode of Action

Induction of biological tanning by topical application of active ingredients has long been a big challenge, with unsatisfactory results. DSM have now developed a completely new small cosmetic peptide ingredient, proven to provide exceptional efficacy on human skin after topical application within a cosmetic formulation. Registered significant, visible long-lasting effects, for a healthy glowing appearance.
Based on our scientific evidence, SYN-GLOW® is proven to activate in vitro the Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R), the master regulator of natural skin pigmentation. From a library of >100 peptides, SYN-GLOW® shows the best activation efficacy. MC1R is a very interesting target not only due to its effect on skin tone, but also because MC1R modulates skin’s defenses against oxidative stress (normally caused by UV irradiation), and enhances the DNA repair machinery of the cells to fight against UV-induced DNA damage. 

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Formulations Featured

  • Face Glow Cream Skin Care Formulation Face Glow Cream Skin Care Formulation

    Face Glow Cream Skin Care Formulation

    Enriched with a powerful glow boosting peptide ingredient, this Face Glow skin care formulation works with skin’s natural processes to promote a natural sun-kissed complexion from within.

  • Glow Booster Serum Formulation Glow Booster Serum Formulation

    Glow Booster Serum Formulation

    This lightweight serum absorbs quickly, leaving a silky soft skin feeling and is enriched with a powerful Glow Boosting peptide ingredient SYN-GLOW® working with skin’s natural processes to promote a natural sun-kissed complexion from within.

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