Beauty & Care

A House of Science beyond Wellbeing.

Can beauty and wellbeing go hand in hand? Our answer goes beyond the skin.

This is because we recognize that real beauty comes from within. In a world that demands so much from us, taking care of our face, skin, and hair connects us to what makes us feel good, invigorating our senses and restoring the balance between wellbeing and self-confidence. Being in tune with our true essense and nature around us.

Beauty & Care. A House of Science beyond Wellbeing.

As innovators, we combine essential health, desirable beauty, and a sustainable mindset in holistic and scientifically proven self-care solutions that repair, prevent and uplift ourselves in every moment of our daily lives. To positively impact the physical and emotional wellbeing of billions of people around the world. To respect our planet for generations to come. Isn't it a beautiful way to take care of yourself?

Designed for performance,
driven by sustainability.

Our solutions expand beyond wellbeing through elevated moments of care, superior consumer delight, and a positive impact on people and planet for generations to come. 

Sun Care

We are leaders in organic and mineral UV filters. Our PARSOL® range, favored by major brands, delivers on our Care mission (reducing skin cancer risks) and Beauty mission (preventing photo-ageing).

Skin Care

Our differentiated skincare portfolio of synthetic, natural and biotech ingredients, includes peptides like our renowned ALPAFLOR®, and award-winning innovations like ETERWELL™ YOUTH.

Hair & Scalp Care

In haircare, we offer a broad portfolio of bioactives, performance ingredients and sustainable solutions for a healthy scalp and beautiful-looking hair, including our renowned bioactive PENTAVITIN®.

Bringing what matters most to the surface by diving deep into trends.

New paradigms, new challenges, and new technologies emerge all the time, triggering a series of changes in people's lifestyles. Trends are responses to these shifts, and also create new consumer needs.

Ongoing research and a keen eye on consumer emerging trends across different contexts, allow us to always stay ahead of what drives consumer choices. At dsm-firmenich we are proud to deliver exceptional solutions, that contribute to help us build the future together with hour customers.

We are currently entering a new era of beauty, defined by concerns that extend well beyond just appearance.

We are here to push the frontier of our industry.

We understand the importance of marrying extensive scientific expertise, technology and research to offer more than just ingredients. We help unlock the industry's full potential to develop and market sustainable and remarkable solutions. Choosing consciously how we source, produce, and design to cater to diverse consumers who increasingly demand effectiveness, environmental and social responsibility as well as unique experiences behind the labels.

We translate science into benefits that resonate with consumers' needs.

A deep understanding of the biology of skin and hair, bioscience pathways, and extraction and formulation technologies. The ability to design, execute, and interpret clinical studies. Testing, evaluation, and analysis tools for skin, hair, scalp, and sun care solutions, using AI, machine learning, and data science. Leading capabilities and services that make us the ideal innovation partner for our clients.

Beauty & Care. A House of Science beyond Wellbeing.

Building on the past, thriving in the present, and shaping the future together with our customers, we're a House of Science beyond Wellbeing.

We co-create solutions that bring progress for people and planet.

Let's move forward together!

Beauty & Care

A House of Science beyond Wellbeing.