On trend personal care ingredients to serve the needs of “on-trend “consumers

The Fast Beauty personal care trend reflects the fast-paced, hyper-connected world of today. Social Media is defining global beauty standards, led by increasingly powerful influencers. “Fast Beauty” brands create “on-trend products” that are produced and launched quickly.1
Following this fast pace, we have identified four subtends which are serving the needs of today’s society by reflecting the busy, disruptive balancing act of consumers’ lifestyles.1

On-the go:
Consumer focus on health and wellness is inspiring a burgeoning trend in beauty care with innovative, on-the-go personal care product formats.2 Consumers spend more of their life ‘on-the-go’ due to increasing levels of commuting and out-of-home entertainment. In order to save time, they look for cosmetic products that can be used wherever they are and can be adapted to out-of-home usage; in the car, traveling or sporting to name a few. New research from Mintel reveals that US female skincare users are most likely to have tried or are interested in trying to include on-the-go products, such as exfoliating wipes (81 percent), waterless facial cleansers (69 percent) and sunscreen sticks (68 percent).2

Hybrid Beauty:
New technological capabilities are stimulating innovation and breaking boundaries between categories. An increasing share of hybrid personal care products that combine benefits in various areas, which appeal to save time and money. For example, BB and CC Cream formulations sales increased in the US from USD 7 million in 2011 to USD 266 million in 2016. On top, sun care products delivering additional skin care benefits are on the rise, as people can stay moisturized, protect their skin against the first visible signs of ageing, screen out blue light and blur skin imperfections all at the same time!

Technology has made our lives faster and more efficient, but also more complex and difficult to master. Smart devices tempt with their convenience, knowledge, control and (in our age of digital narcissism) self-analysis.

Instant Beauty:
In our multi-tasking lives, time is becoming more and more precious, pressing consumers to look for products that offer real time, instant results. DSM recently conducted a survey on a market and consumer platform, in which it asked 215 female respondents in North America, China, South America, and Europe about the importance of immediate effects in beauty and personal care products. Although the responses varied, depending on various factors such as skin type and local climate conditions, it was clear that consumers want the effect of products to be immediate, with some consumers saying this encourages them to use the product more frequently. Cosmetics companies can translate these desires into reality using sensory and visual modifier ingredients, which deliver on both look and feel by providing a natural, radiant appearance and vibrant color alongside a soft, lightweight finish or dry touch, especially suitable to develop appealing sunscreen formulations consumers love to apply.

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