Resilience is more than coping – it is a combination of repair and prevention

Our approach to mindfulness, especially as it relates to beauty and personal care, continues to evolve. What started as a way to find inner balance and calm has grown – by necessity – into the need to rise above adversity and emerge stronger and better prepared to face the future. From this challenging experience, the trend toward Resilient Beauty takes shape.

For so many, the COVID-19 pandemic was a recipe for stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Its implications were acute, driving the need and desire for essential self-care. Turning to trusted rituals and routines brought comfort and stability. But resilience is more than coping: alongside this need to feel better and cared for in the moment is the conviction to bounce back from this experience stronger than before.

This combination of repair and prevention is embodied in the dramatic rise of Resilient Beauty, which has sharply accelerated during the past year.

Taking action now to look and feel better

We can shore up resilience in-the-moment with beauty and personal care products that help to shake off stress, encourage a sense of calm and promote recovery. DSM offers a broad range of Resilient Beauty solutions and ingredients to meet this immediate need for repair and self-care.

To help the body detox, alleviate stress and aid recovery, the natural sin bioactive ingredient ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM CB provides a visible mattifying effect and microbiome balancing to offset issues caused by face masks – soothing relief for a now-common problem. Creating a sensory experience that encourages a sense of calmness is in reach with the skin bioactive ingredient STIMU-TEX® AS. This natural ingredient follows the new beauty movement of  Zero Waste Beauty,  which considers re-using existing materials for the production of new cosmetic ingredients. This is achieved through the so called upcycling process. STIMU-TEX® AS is fullfilling this expectation as it is contains spent grain wax, a by -product of beer production. STIMU-TEX® AS works fast (within five minutes) to relieve and soothe irritated skin. Efficient, trusted and science-backed solutions like HYA-ACT™, a powerful range of three hyaluronic acid ingredients with different molecular sizes offering hydration and anti-ageing benefits, promote both recovery and protection.

Coming out stronger by focusing on the future

The Resilient Beauty trend also calls on us to emerge from crisis stronger than before, and to help build a better world by focusing on the future of our planet. Embracing sustainable innovations in beauty and personal care and boosting immunity and health are ways to adapt now to support the future.

The UV filter ingredient like PARSOL® 1789, the most eco-friendly UV filter, encourages environmental and social responsibility in practices and product development. Future-proof biotechnology advancements take a sustainable approach to beauty with upcycled ingredients and personalized products. Our TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is the first 100% bio-sourced European-made cosmetic grade of PDO. Promoting resilience from within is in reach with vitamin ingredients, extracts, probiotics and more that boost and nurture skin immunity. DSM’s BEAUPLEX® VH blend is an all-in-one vitamin compound containing vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E.

DSM’s broad portfolio of skin care, sun care, makeup and hair care ingredients including ready-to-use formulations answers the many needs of the Resilient Beauty trend – taking care now and taking action for the future.

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    ALPAFLOR® -ALP-SEBUM CB is an organic bioactive rich in flavanoids and oenothein B - key compounds that show sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory activities. It is ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE organic certified, and Fair Trade approved by Ecocert Environnement.



    The multifunctional microbiome-friendly ingredient TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA is the first made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol, 100% bio-sourced and originated from non-GMO and palm oil-free feedstocks.



    PARSOL® EHT is the UV filter ingredient can be used to achieve a high SPF at low concentrations, so it has an attractive eco-profile that makes it ideal for developing high Eco-class sun care formulations.

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