DSM’s novel SPF 30 hair care formulation concept

People today are generally aware of the importance of top-to-toe sun protection. However, many forget about the very top – the scalp, which especially in men can be prone to sunburn. Until now no dedicated personal care solutions have been available for scalp protection, and the face and body solutions on the market can leave hair looking limp or greasy. In consequence, young men, in particular – who like to express their individuality through their hairstyle – were reluctant to use them.

But now, thanks to DSM’s novel SPF 30 hair care formulation concept, men can protect their scalp from sun damage without compromising on style. The new formulation is a light emulsion that leaves hair dry to the touch. It comes with a special applicator which allows users to accurately target vulnerable areas. We enable the look that today’s style-conscious man aspires to!

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