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DSM’s poster on Ultimate UV Protection won the 3rd place at NYSCC’s Sun Exposure Conference

How beneficial is a high SPF if the consumer application behavior does not meet minimum recommended dosage? How effective can a beachwear formulation be if it makes the consumer feel like a sand magnet? How can we formulate daily wear that protects against cumulative sub-erythemal damage without addressing the greasiness and stickiness consumers associate with sunscreens?  

To answer these questions is to truly deliver Ultimate UV Protection; because without consumer compliance there can be no protection!

By introducing our scientific poster at NYSCC’s Sun Exposure Conference, we at DSM Personal Care identified these important questions and demonstrated our expertise and competence in ensuring best in class UV protection for people’s every day care and specific beach care.

Under the title ‘Sensing the  Future - Modern Sun Protection Beyond the SPF Game’, DSM’s poster introduces 3 steps that are essential in creating solutions that really matter and to support our customers in developing products that are differentiated in markets.

Preliminary consumer research served as a base to initiate continuous sensory evaluation sessions, realized by an in-house DSM trained expert panel, to outline sensorial gaps in market products.

Having completed these two phases, the last phase focuses on the development of formulations surpassing market benchmarks by eliminating negative chassis attributes, as well as substantiating novel market claims. 

By attending these important conferences, DSM continues to support its identity of Revealing the Power of Beauty and being recognized and rewarded by the 3rd place at this year’s NYSCC’s Sun Exposure Conference on originality and innovation in the sun care category.

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The NYSCC’s Sun Exposure Conference is part of the educational series of the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and focus on SUN EXPOSURE: Implications and Protection of Skin.

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