Press Release

Suppliers Day 2015

At the 2015 Supplier’s Day, DSM took the opportunity to showcase its international capabilities in both biological and consumer science.

Utilizing its in-depth consumer competence platform, formulas delivering on consumer needs from across the globe were showcased along with video highlighting key regional insights from the 4 major beauty continents.

With a portfolio that is nearly  95% China compliant, DSM furthered it’s efforts in this dynamic market by presenting a clinical study displaying the benefits of SYN®-COLL , a unique tri-peptide, on Asian skin.

The in-vivo study demonstrated that SYN®-COLL was able to reveal a more lifted and sculpted skin look, as well as a refined pore appearance in only 4 weeks. 77% of study participants felt that the formula with SYN®-COLL improved the firmness of their skin.

Following Supplier’s Day,  DSM continued it global showcase by hosting its event Beauty Beyond Borders. Distinguished guests were invited for an intimate evening at the regal Addison Park, in Aberdeen, NJ. Among the evening’s festivities were performances from a classically trained Chinese dance troupe.

Overall the US Personal Care team continues to truly reveal the power of beauty by connecting insight from around the world with solutions that really matter.

Suppliers Day 2015