Outsmarts skin’s internal clock for youthful, glowing skin

The skincare ingredient for glowing skin- all day long

Maintaining the glowing complexion that signals youth and vitality requires high levels of skin cell energy. However, like many other biological processes, skin’s energy levels follow a 24-hour rhythm known as the internal clock or circadian rhythm. During daytime hours, levels of energy in the cells drop. The result is a loss of glow in the afternoon which will be only recovered during the night. The bioactive cosmetic ingredient REVITALIN® PF boots the skin's oxygen content and consumption to help provide energized, revitalized skin that looks and feels good.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Glycoproteins, Glutamic Acid, Valine, Threonine
  • The best from baker’s yeast, particularly rich in amino acids and adenosine
  • Helps to accelerate surface cell renewal by up to 4 days
  • Ensures high ATP levels all day long 
  • Boosts both glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration when skin needs it most


  • Youthful glowing complexion all day long
  • Boosts skin’s energy level when it is needed most
  • Increases skin’s energy level when skin needs to recover


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Mode of Action

Intensive studies on REVITALIN® PF confirm that it boosts daily energy levels when skin needs it most and helps deliver extra energy when skin needs to recover. REVITALIN® PF increases anaerobic glycolysis to yield ATP and acid. and boosts mitochondrial respiration leading to a high level of ATP. REVITALIN® PF stimulates the expression of key genes under UV stress for improved aerobic respiration, mitochondrial protection and mitochondrial regeneration. 

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