The shift towards a “less is more” philosophy

The beauty industry is long associated with innovation. Women’s regimes become increasingly complex as brands continue to introduce new products to address previously unmet needs. While this has helped drive spending on face products to historic highs – it has created heightened confusion on the role of each product.

Unable to afford and maintain 'high-maintenance' beauty routines, a growing number of consumers are shifting towards a minimalist approach to beauty. As minimalists, they focus on using just a handful of cosmetic products that do their job and do it well. By adopting a “less is more” philosophy, consumers are able to reduce time and money spent on their beauty routine and instead allocate it towards more meaningful experiences that enrich their lives.

This shift explains why cost effective, time saving "two-in-one" products such as Micellar water, dry shampoo and BB creams have achieved staggering growth. We also see this moving into packaging, marketing and repertoire.

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    The peptide ingredient SYN-EYE® combines peptide technology with skin bioactives in a multifunctional eye care formula. It visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

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    The vitamin Panthenol is valued in skin and hair care cosmetic applications for its moisturizing properties. It soothes sensitive skin and is known for its humectant properties in hair care.

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