Mycotoxin Detection


Animal health is constantly threatened by the exposure of mycotoxins in feed. The monitoring of fungal toxins has become indispensable in the feed industry and in animal production.

We offer a range of analytical services to customers to assess the mycotoxin contamination of feed materials.

  • Spectrum Top® 50
  • Spectrum 380®

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Spectrum Top® 50

Spectrum Top® 50 is a mycotoxin detection service that provides you with a complete view of the mycotoxin contamination in your feed, including regulated, emerging and masked mycotoxins.

The Spectrum Top® 50 method detects and quantifies more than 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites belonging to the following groups:

  • Aflatoxins
  • Ergot Alkaloids
  • Alternaria Toxins
  • Fumonisins
  • Aspergillus Toxins
  • Fusarium Metabolites
  • A-Trichothecenes
  • Ochratoxins
  • B-Trichothecenes
  • Penicillium Toxins
  • Enniatins and Beauvericin
  • Zearalenone Metabolites

Spectrum Top® 50 - Get a full view of the mycotoxin contamination in your feed

Innovative LC-MS/MS Method

Innovative LC-MS/MS Method

Spectrum Top® 50 uses an innovative LC-MS/MS method capable of determining over 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites simultaneously, including the analysis of certain undetected masked mycotoxins, with high specificity and sensitivity. 

This technique increases current capabilities of detection and analysis, while providing insights into the most frequently occurring and emerging mycotoxins on the field.

The analytical method behind Spectrum Top® 50 is the Multi-Mycotoxin Analysis 50+, developed by scientists of Romer Labs, a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety.

Spectrum 380®

Spectrum 380® represents the most powerful mycotoxin analysis commercially available, testing feed material samples for more than 700 mycotoxins and fungal metabolites in one go, including:

  • Over 700 mycotoxins and secondary metabolites, including masked mycotoxins
  • Approximately 300 pesticides
  • 150 veterinarian drugs
  • Several phytoestrogens

The LC-MS/MS based mycotoxin detection method was developed together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Tulln, Austria

Mycotoxin Services & Tools

  • Mycotoxin PROcheck

    A 5-step comprehensive mycotoxin risk management service program designed to counteract the mycotoxins occurring in feed ingredients, and to safeguard the health and performance of your animals.

  • Mycotoxin Survey

    The longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence in feed materials to help you understand potential risks.