Mycotoxin PROcheck


The comprehensive mycotoxin risk management program

Mycotoxin PROcheck is a 5-step service program designed to counteract the mycotoxins occurring in feed ingredients, and to safeguard the health and performance of your animals.

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Main Benefits

1. Tracking & Monitoring
  • Multi-mycotoxin analysis (Spectrum® 380) using LC-MS/MS advanced technology
  • Coordination of mycotoxin surveillance programs
  • Interpretation of analytical results
2. Personalized Analytics & Reporting
  • Appropriate analytical methods available for defined needs (fast, sensitive, whole view)
  • Periodic survey of mycotoxin trends
  • Interpretation report and follow up call
3. On-Farm Consultancy 
  • On-site farm support (e.g. necropsy)
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Herd/flock analysis
4. Training
  • Hands-on training on sample collection
  • Latest information on mycotoxicoses
  • Seminars and webinars on hot topics
5. Tailor-made Solutions

Custom recommendation of mycotoxin counteracting strategies based on:

  • Location (farm, feed mill)
  • Ingredients
  • Species

Mycotoxin Services & Tools

  • Mycotoxin Detection

    We offer a range of analytical services to customers to assess the mycotoxin contamination of feed materials.

  • Mycotoxin Survey

    The longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence in feed materials to help you understand potential risks.