Carotenoids in animal nutrition and health

Accurate carotenoid supplementation benefits both the animal and the consumer. Our track record and over 50 years’ experience in the effective use of carotenoids is exceptional.

Carotenoids are essential anti-oxidants that play an important role in animal health and reproduction. Wherever you look in nature, you will see the influence of carotenoids. They are responsible for the color of everything from fruit and vegetables to fish and animal skin.

All animals need carotenoids, but since they cannot produce these naturally-occurring nutrients, they must instead obtain them from their diet. The challenge lies in providing livestock with consistent amounts of carotenoids because:

  • Carotenoid content varies in different feedstuffs
  • The content in a specific feedstuff will also vary from year to year and from region to region

Providing sufficient carotenoids increases performance and ensures consistent pigmentation. Additionally, since product color is interpreted by consumers as a key indicator of quality, it is important for producers to achieve consistent, on-target pigmentation.

Ensuring consistent supply – and consistent pigmentation

Precise supplementation is the key to achieving healthy animals and consistent product pigmentation.

For over 50 years, we have been at the forefront of the development of supplementary carotenoids and their precise use in diets.

Our extensive range of CAROPHYLL® and ROVIMIX® products, combined with our considerable expertise, allows us to deliver:

  • Healthier livestock
  • Better product color
  • Superior consistency of coloration

Our industry-known color fans mean customers anywhere in the world can fine-tune product color to meet the specific requirements of their markets.

Using our knowledge of feed supplementation and premixing, we have combined carotenoids with other nutrients to provide unique blends which add value to food-producing businesses.


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