Swine Nutrition and Health

There is a growing global demand for pork and pork products. Producers at all stages of the production chain therefore focus on several key factors, namely:

  • Cost-effective production of a high quality product
  • Achieving the high animal welfare standards required to meet animal needs and consumer demands
  • Minimizing the impact of pork production on the environment

We have great experience across the global swine sector. We deliver innovative and effective nutrition and health solutions to help customers meet the many challenges they face.

Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

Learn about how at dsm-firmenich we can help you overcome the challenges of a Sustainable Pig(let) Farming

Sow Protection You Can Trust

Learn about how at dsm-firmenich we can help you optimize sow longevity and sow performance for a more sustainable swine production.

Our Swine Portfolio

  • Biofix®

    Naturally occurring metabolites in feed ingredients reduce the performance of animals by compromising their health. Biofix® is the next generation feed additive proven to counteract these metabolites to provide absolute protection.

  • CRINA® Piglets AF

    Piglets are at greater risk of inadequate nutrition around the time of weaning. CRINA® Piglets AF, a specially-created blends of essential oils and nature-identical compounds, has been shown to help reduce this risk by increasing feed intake.

  • Digestarom®

    A specifically formulated phytogenic product line incorporating carefully selected plant-derived substances including essential oils, herbs, spices and plant extracts with specific bioactive and sensory properties.

  • Hy-D®

    Hy-D® is the fast track vitamin D3 source, for a strong skeleton and better performance.

  • RONOZYME® HiPhos™

    HiPhos provides unmatched stability, allowing for precise dosing and consistent results. Learn how this superior stability leads to improved efficacy and value.

  • VevoVitall™

    Feed acidifiers are a proven approach to improve young pig digestive health and performance. VevoVitall™ is proven to be more effective than other common acidifiers.

  • HiPhorius™

    HiPhorius™ raises the market standard for phytase technology, delivering consistent improvements in animal performance through efficient phosphorous utilization.

  • VVC Premix™

    Combining ultra pure benzoic acid with nature-identical flavorings to safeguard feed and improve gut functionality and performance.


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