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Together with Novozymes, our partners in the global Feed Enzymes Alliance, we are delivering innovative feed enzymes developed to meet the challenges of global livestock production.

The Feed Enzymes Alliance combines marketing and technical expertise from experts in the field to develop the broadest range of feed enzymes available worldwide.

Enzyme families

  • Carbohydrases

    Our carbohydrases release more of the energy present in diets so that increased performance can be achieved from the same amount of feed.

  • Phytases

    Our range of phytases increases natural phosphorus availability, improving performance while at the same time reducing feed costs and environmental impact.

  • Proteases

    Our proteases excel at maximizing the use of proteins in diets so as to increase animal performance and reduce feed costs.

dsm-firmenich and Novozyme are leaders in enzymes.


Our enzymes portfolio

  • HiPhorius™

    HiPhorius™ raises the market standard for phytase technology, delivering consistent improvements in animal performance through efficient phosphorous utilization.

  • ProAct 360™

    dsm-firmenich is the first and only supplier to launch its second generation feed protease, ProAct 360™, in order to further reduce production costs, while making animal production even more sustainable.

  • RONOZYME® HiPhos™

    HiPhos provides unmatched stability, allowing for precise dosing and consistent results. Learn how this superior stability leads to improved efficacy and value.

  • RONOZYME® MultiGrain

    Complex carbohydrates in corn and other grains lock away important nutrients and energy. Break down these barriers to unlock optimal performance and many other benefits.

  • RONOZYME® ProAct

    RONOZYME® ProAct is the best-in-class protease market reference, which not only optimizes amino acids release but also supports sustainable animal production.


    Our proven multi-enzyme solution to the challenge of maximizing energy utilization in vegetable protein sources.


    Valuable nutrients are trapped inside the cell walls of cereal grains. Our leading xylanase enzyme degrades the cell walls to improve the digestibility of grains and grain by-products for better-performing poultry and swine.

dsm-firmenich | Novozymes Feed Enzyme Alliance
Pioneering enzymes together

Our pioneering partnership delivers improved animal performance while making a ground-breaking contribution to the sustainability of global livestock farming.

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