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DSM Digest

DSM Digest is a monthly e-newsletter for those interested in keeping up with the latest news, product and technical information and recent research from DSM North America. Articles are tailored by specie and written by our DSM experts on everything on ensuring premix quality, tackling seasonal mycotoxin challenges, understanding issues around enzyme and vitamin deficiencies, and more!

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DSM Academy

DSM Academy is our unique series of events that offers a deep dive into understanding the fundamentals of animal nutrition and health. Our DSM Academy events are offered two to three times per year at our DSM premix plant sites throughout North America. Targeted to nutritionists, veterinarians and procurement, our events are tailored to helping our customers better understand vitamins, premixes, mycotoxins, enzymes and phytogenics.

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Building Your Future

Building Your Future is an event DSM offers centered on sharing tips and guidance with up and coming professionals as they start their career. As the next generation of nutritionists, veterinarians and animal industry professionals, it’s important to gain insights on approaching the professional world after graduation. 

Interested in becoming the vice president of a leading agricultural sector? Want to head the strategy for poultry in a major agricultural company? As the agricultural industry continues to become larger and more diverse, how can you stand out? 

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