Nutritional Market-ready solutions

Deliver on profit and purpose with nutritional Market-ready solutions

dsm-firmenich provides cost-effective and impactful market-ready nutritional solutions that help contribute to ending hidden hunger worldwide. These pre-designed, finished products can quickly be implemented into existing manufacturing processes and require minimal adaptation, delivering impact for the populations that need them most – fast. Drawing on our technical expertise, we provide optimized formulations that are ready for commercialization to significantly shorten the product development process, delivering on purpose and profit. 

Our Market-ready and Premix solutions provide easy, effective and science-backed supplementation to vulnerable groups at risk of malnutrition, including pregnant women, infants and young children who have heightened nutritional requirements. 

For example, our micronutrient powders (MNPs) have been proven to significantly reduce anemia and iron deficiency in children when added to complementary foods. We also provide multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) tailored to maternal health needs that are more effective than iron and folic acid alone.3

Our portfolio of nutritional Market-ready solutions


Fortified kernels

Our fortified rice kernels provide a robust, flexible and scientifically backed market-ready solution to increase the nutritional value of rice. Blended into rice at 0.5-2%, these customized micronutrient kernels have been shown to effectively improve nutritional intake and address deficiencies, without impacting taste or preparation. With over 3 billion global rice consumers, fortified rice presents huge potential to combat malnutrition and hidden hunger.

Micronutrient powders (MNPs)

dsm-firmenich customized and market-ready MNP supplements help to combat hidden hunger worldwide. Studies have shown MNPs to be highly effective at improving health outcomes. For example, after infants and young children had a two to twelve-month course of supplementation, anemia prevalence reduced by 31% and iron deficiency by 51%.4


Multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS)

Our affordable MMS are tailored to populations with heightened nutritional needs who are also at risk of malnutrition, including pregnant and lactating women. MMS are proven to be effective at improving outcomes: they can reduce preterm births by 6% to 8% and can reduce overall infant mortality by 29% compared to iron and folic acid supplements (IFAS) alone.5

Market-ready solutions for healthy mothers and babies 

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life – from conception to its second birthday – are essential for hitting important developmental milestones and reduces risk factors for disease later in life. Ensuring infants and children have access to adequate nutrition is essential to creating a brighter future for all.  

Our affordable Market-ready solutions can be easily incorporated into supplements such as MNPs which effectively improve health outcomes for children.2 We ensure that our supplements are not only effective, but palatable, and don’t alter the taste, consistency or appearance of food for greater acceptance amongst children. Meanwhile, our MMS provide a more cost-efficient and effective method of improving health outcomes for mothers and babies than IFAs supplementation alone.3

Efficacy, palatably and quality are cornerstones of every nutritional solution we develop for mothers and babies. The fortified micronutrient blends we have co-created, are appealing to children and deliver the heightened levels of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for little stomachs growing fast. 

By improving nutrition early in life through solutions like MNPs, MMS and fortified kernels, dsm-firmenich intends to support our partners to unlock the potential in every child. 

Develop quality nutritional solutions faster with Market-ready solutions


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