Introducing Phenology™, the latest women's health initiative from Hologram Sciences

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  • Hologram Sciences, the dsm-firmenich-backed personalized nutrition initiative, has launched Phenology™, its debut women’s health brand concept.
  • Phenology™ is redefining menopause solutions with a holistic and comprehensive approach, addressing both health and beauty aspects.
  • The women-led Phenology™, team has leveraged its unparalleled resources to develop a system of science-backed menopause solutions, including revolutionary saliva-based, at-home hormone testing, in partnership with femtech company, inne.


Hologram Sciences, the dsm-firmenich-backed personalized nutrition initiative, announced the launch of Phenology™, its debut women’s health brand concept designed to holistically support every aspect of the menopause experience, including the physical, mental, and emotional impacts. Phenology™ offers a collection of personalized beauty and wellness products and services, including a revolutionary at-home hormone testing and tracking device, on-demand in-app coaching, as well as a comprehensive line of science-backed nutritional supplements, with patent-pending ingredient combinations and naturally powerful wellness and beauty essentials.

At the helm of Phenology™ are Jessica Graham, GM of Phenology and CMO of Hologram Sciences, and Dr. Kourtney Sims (“Dr. K”) MD, FACOG, NCMP, a board-certified OB/GYN and certified plant-based nutrition expert. Graham and the women-led Phenology team has leveraged its unique and extensive resources to develop a system of science-backed menopause solutions, which help women feel their best at every stage of their menopause journey.

A Critical Unmet Need

Menopause is a complex natural transition that can include a variety of symptoms that last for months or even years. The effects of menopause can impact work, daily life, relationships and self-esteem. Phenology’s innovative approach helps women address a broad range of the most prevalent effects brought on by the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and menopause.

Menopause presents a $600B industry opportunity and yet remains a significant unmet need. There are few comprehensive, science-backed and diagnostic-led health and wellness solutions that exist and this has been a key driver for developing Phenology™.

CEO of Hologram Sciences, Ian Brady, said, “At Hologram Sciences, we’re on a mission to provide people with more holistic solutions that address the complexities of human health – by creating and rapidly scaling solutions that are backed by science, pioneering technology and habit-building. Menopause is a perfect example of an unmet need, where a holistic solution like Phenology™ can significantly improve quality of life”

Science-backed and patent-pending personalized menopause solutions

Phenology’s evidence-based products provide benefits across a range of key areas, including a gummy-based daily nutritional supplement regimen for tackling hot flashes and stress*, rescue products like a cooling mist and roller, as well as specially formulated skin care and beauty products. For a deeper look at Phenology’s estrogen and THC-free daily wellness and beauty relief regimen, visit the Phenology website.

Chief Science Officer of Hologram, Nate Matusheski said, “We have taken great care to select active ingredients that can deliver benefits for some of the key aspects of menopause. Our patent-pending combinations include dsm-firmenich’s GeniVida™ genistein for hot flashes, combined with saffron extract for mood*. For our face cream we included dsm-firmenich’s PENTAVITIN®, HYA-ACT® and BEL-EVEN® products for exceptional texture and anti-aging properties”.

The first of its kind: non-invasive, at-home hormone testing for menopause management

To offer the most advanced at-home hormone testing, Phenology™ has an exclusive partnership with inne, a Berlin-based biotech company, to produce a novel, non-invasive hormone testing and tracking platform called the inne Minilab, which captures daily saliva samples and records real-time measurements of progesterone in less than 30 minutes — a first of its kind in the US.

CEO of inne, Eirini Rapti, said, “This is our first integration of the Minilab with Hologram Sciences’ portfolio and we are looking forward to the many future applications of our technology that will be integrated in Hologram concepts. It’s time we create solutions so women can focus on living their best lives and our partnership with Hologram Sciences™ will accelerate our mission to change the lives of even more women.”

Visit to learn more. 

About Hologram Sciences, Inc. 

Hologram Sciences is a consumer-facing health tech company whose mission is to help people get healthier and feel better through innovative personalized nutrition solutions. Backed by dsm-firmenich, Hologram Sciences brings together the latest evidence-based supplementation, pioneering technology and habit-building techniques to create holistic, truly customized offerings that drive deep and lasting consumer relationships. Hologram Sciences is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to feel better every day; grounded in transparency, clinical science and committed to creating products and an organization that are fully inclusive and equitable. More information can be found at


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Published on

05 May 2022


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