DSM Nutrition Academy and Macuwell™: Supporting Opticians in improving the standard of Eye Care

Promoting eye health with nutrition

  • The DSM Nutrition Academy is a trusted leader in connecting people to science-led knowledge on the role of nutrition for health. It provides targeted modules that make nutrition science available and accessible to all, sharing the latest scientific research and industry knowledge.
  • The DSM Nutrition Academy, in partnership with Macuwell™ has developed a unique education program designed to give guidance to opticians in improving the standard of eye care.
  • The education program provides opticians in Germany with science-led knowledge to support them in providing nutritional advice to consumers to improve and protect their eye health.

Science-led education for opticians

Visual health has become an increasing health concern for today’s population, making it more important than ever for opticians to provide a high standard of eye care. However, the majority of the time opticians are focused on correcting poor vision, rather than preventative care.

Having recognized the opportunity to support opticians in delivering a more consultative service to consumers, the DSM Nutrition Academy has partnered with Macuwell™, a supplier of eye health solutions to independent opticians in Germany, to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition for eye health.

Improving eye care standards through knowledge

While opticians are well trained in assessing and measuring vision, their understanding of how nutrition can support healthier eyes is often limited. Opticians are therefore looking for ways to broaden their horizons and learn more about nutrition to be able to confidently have those conversations with their customers. For example, a better understanding of the benefits of zeaxanthin and lutein,puts opticians in the ideal position to give advice on ways to protect against blue light and age-related macular degeneration.

The targeted learning modules available through the DSM Nutrition Academy have been developed in collaboration with Macuwell™ to provide easy to understand, practical science-led knowledge about nutrition.The program offers a unique solution for opticians who are looking to improve their understanding of the topic.

TalkingNutrition caught up with Dr. Peter van Dael, Science Director of the DSM Nutrition Academy, Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer, Scientific Advisor to the DSM Nutrition Academy and Dr. Rolf Lambert, Scientific Expert Macuwell GmbH, at OPTI to discuss how the educational program can help to improve the standard of eye care available today.

The DSM Nutrition Academy is a trusted leader in connecting people to science-led knowledge on the role of nutrition for health. Sourcing from the latest scientific research, the Academy offers relevant, targeted modules, that are both interesting and easy to absorb, making nutrition science available and accessible.

Supporting opticians with science-led knowledge to improve eye care

Talking Nutrition speaks to the DSM Nutrition Academy team and MACUWELL™ at OPTI 2019 about their collaborative education program, providing opticians with science-led knowledge about nutrition for better eye health.

Published on

18 March 2019


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