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DSM Personal Care invites all visitors to experience a genuine moment of sensation at Cosmetagora 2015

Kaiseraugst, CH, 13 Jan 2015 12:00 CET

DSM Personal Care is once again attending the Cosmetagora trade show in Paris, France from 13-14 January. During the trade show, DSM will demonstrate its latest product launches and concepts in the field of skin, sun and hair care at stand 67-68-69 and will participate in the Cosmetagora Formulation Prize Award with its innovative hair styling formulation “Crystal Clear Styling Wax”.

Sensorial elegance of the formulations has become an important consumer requirement for skin and hair care products, leaving the global researchers and formulators with a challenge to create novel products that meet their expectations.

DSM’s “Crystal Clear Styling Wax” is a novel hair wax formulation delivering incredible shine and strong hold. It creates ultimate definition without drying the hair out and provides a trendy slick look. The formulation features our multifunctional polymer, TILAMAR® Fix A140 which promises an optical and sensorial experience: its clear texture is formulated and looks like wax but doesn’t have a waxy feel. Visitors are invited to join DSM at the booth for formulation tips.

DSM will also showcase its latest product line of sensory and visual modifiers, VALVANCE®. The product line is DSM’s answer to the desire for improved sensory qualities and strong perceived effects. Based on the analysis of the global sensory landscape of sunscreens, DSM has been able to translate consumer insights into new, desirable formulations with a star cast of ingredients, adding cosmetic elegance to its skin and sun care products. Visitors to DSM’s booth are invited to experience a sensorial world of beauty with a range of novel formulations.

Finally, in response to consumers’ beauty aspirations to retain a youthful appearance and help delay the ageing process, DSM will highlight its recent launch in the skin care product, REGU®-SCENCE. This China-listed (Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients) and ECOCERT-approved, natural, standardized bioactive is derived from specially-cultivated Navarra Asparagus officinalis ‘Grolim’ which contains naturally high levels of saponins, known to be positive modulators of autophagy. With its unique mechanism of action, this asparagus variety offers a solution to the naturally-occurring, cellular aging process by stimulating the skin’s own autophagy capabilities, thus helping to delay signs of cellular aging by decades.

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