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DSM leads the way in beauty care ingredients with up-to-the minute trends research

The world and society are changing constantly and new “mega trends” continue to emerge in response. These trends are triggered by changes in people’s lifestyles and by socio-demographic factors, but they also influence and shape people, creating new habits and needs among consumers.

What’s driving beauty trends?

Trends originate in our society and have different life cycles. A demographic trend could last around 20 years for example, whereas a fad or fashion may only last a couple of years. The trend levels of greatest interest to the Personal Care Industry fall somewhere in between: Socio-Cultural trends (10–15 years) and more especially Lifestyle trends (2–5 years). Lifestyle trends are often the visible expression of deeper socio-cultural changes which themselves are driven by global phenomena such as an ageing population or concerns about climate change and pollution, to name just two.

What beauty trends are current right now and how are these expressed in consumer behavior?

At DSM we work constantly to identify and anticipate beauty and personal care trends. We consider this a key aspect of supporting our customers with product creation, from idea to launch. It’s also how we inspire the market with innovative formulations and cosmetic ingredients.

Based on our latest research, we have identified five major beauty trend territories, all influenced by lifestyle factors. Healthy Beauty, Mindful Beauty, Beauty Diversity, Fast Beauty and Good Beauty. These five trend territories are brought to life through 21 different expressions, which require solution and calls for a comprehensive package of skin, hair and sun care ingredients to address a specific area of priorities, values or needs.

  • A good beauty approach to beauty and personal care

    Consumers more and more value “feel-good”, “guilt-free” and products they can trust. DSM’s latest market study shows that this enthusiasm for “Good Beauty” has various personal care trend expressions.

  • A mindful approach to beauty and personal care

    There is evidence that doing something to nurture the skin can be beneficial, because it involves taking a little bit of time for ourselves. DSM’s latest research has found that the Mindful Beauty trend can be articulated in two types of trend expressions.

  • CC cream for skin care

    Everyone needs to multi-task those days. Cosmetic formulations are now offering multiple benefits – a skin care approach that originated in Asia and is rapidly becoming popular all over the globe.

  • Celebrating natural looking hair

    As more and more women reject imposed ideals of beauty and embrace their natural hair type, demand for gentler, more convenient beauty products ingredients is increasing.

  • Dare to change your hair care routine!

    DSM's European Hair Study found that women often change their hairstyle when facing major life changes and the discovery of a new, appealing hair care product often provides the impetus to try something different.

  • Demystifying the green beauty trend

    Natural ingredients are now a priority for many facial skincare users. In line with our commitment to provide transparency, DSM has designed a simple labeling system to help customers navigate the product range.

  • Diversity in personal care

    There has been a shift in attitude – younger generations celebrate diverse perceptions of the world. DSM embraces multicultural beauty, gender fluidity and new aging in cosmetics and personal care.

  • Fast beauty

    The Fast Beauty personal care trend reflects the fast-paced, hyper-connected world of today. Social Media is defining global beauty standards, led by increasingly powerful influencers. “Fast Beauty” brands create “on-trend products” that are produced and launched quickly.

  • Green Chemistry in skin care

    People are concerned about the impact chemicals in their cosmetic products have on their health and the condition of their skin and hair. 'Green Chemistry’ focuses on designing products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

  • Hydration with skin care ingredients

    We asked our global panel of beauty insiders for their views on skin hydration and two things became clear: holistic skin hydration is a two-way process with multiple skin care benefits.

  • Maintaining beauty in times of stress

    Check out the range of skin, hair, sun and performance ingredients and formulations concept, developed to combat the visible signs of stress and/or simplify personal care regimes.

  • Reset, revitalize, replenish

    Detoxing the hair is just as important as detoxing the body and the skin. “Reset, revitalize, replenish” offers all the hair care ingredients required for the perfect hair detox!

  • Skin care ingredients for the over 30s

    Anti-aging doesn't just mean preventing wrinkles – it also means having an even skin complexion and healthy-looking skin tone. Discover our newly developed skin bioactive ingredient that deliver on both.

  • The Beauty and Personal Care Market in a post-covid-19 world

    How is the pandemic influencing new consumer behaviors and choices? How to find the "Sweet Spot" in the situation we are living in? We at DSM were able to anticipate new manifestations that help us to develop new ingredients, solutions, and concepts ahead of the market, hitting this sweet spot!

  • The growth of male grooming in personal care

    Male grooming’ has expanded in recent years in the personal care industry since it has been more acceptable for men to openly use and discuss cosmetic products to help them look their best.

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