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The world and society are changing constantly and new “mega trends” continue to emerge in response. These trends are triggered by changes in people’s lifestyles and by socio-demographic factors, but they also influence and shape people, creating new habits and needs among consumers.

What’s driving beauty trends?

Trends originate in our society and have different life cycles. A demographic trend could last around 20 years for example, whereas a fad or fashion may only last a couple of years. The trend levels of greatest interest to the Personal Care Industry fall somewhere in between: Socio-Cultural trends (10–15 years) and more especially Lifestyle trends (2–5 years). Lifestyle trends are often the visible expression of deeper socio-cultural changes which themselves are driven by global phenomena such as an ageing population or concerns about climate change and pollution, to name just two.

What beauty trends are current right now and how are these expressed in consumer behavior?

At DSM we work constantly to identify and anticipate beauty and personal care trends. We consider this a key aspect of supporting our customers with product creation, from idea to launch. It’s also how we inspire the market with innovative formulations and cosmetic ingredients.

Based on our latest research, we have identified five major beauty trend territories, all influenced by lifestyle factors. Healthy Beauty, Mindful Beauty, Beauty Diversity, Fast Beauty and Good Beauty. These five trend territories are brought to life through 21 different expressions, which require solution and calls for a comprehensive package of skin, hair and sun care ingredients to address a specific area of priorities, values or needs.

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