Revealing the power of hair with an ultimate look and feel


DSM’s hair care teams can call on 50-plus years of expertise in polymer technologies and are dedicated to designing tailored products that deliver outstanding hair care and styling benefits to help our customers stand out in their markets. We offer a portfolio of strong, versatile hair styling ingredients and powerful, dependable hair conditioning polymers for novel hairstyling applications. Beyond this, we can draw on our sun care and skin care expertise to combine multiple consumer benefits into bespoke formulations – by incorporating UV protection or scalp care, for example.


  • TILAMAR® OP 40

    TILAMAR® OP 40

    The polymer hair care ingredient TILAMAR® OP 40 delivers an opacified formulation with a creamy texture; nourishing body structure and improving color effects in a ‘one-for-all’ solution.

  • TILAMAR® Quat 2240

    TILAMAR® Quat 2240

    The polymer hair care ingredient TILAMAR® Quat 2240 provides deep conditioning with a weightless feel and can be readily formulated for clear shampoo formulations.

  • TILAMAR® Quat 640

    TILAMAR® Quat 640

    The hair care conditioning polymer ingredient TILAMAR® Quat 640 delivers ultimate conditioning performance and a weightless feel even after repeated leave-in applications.