Hair Care Formulations


From daily hair care and repair to the most advanced styling formulations

Our hair care formulations are backed by DSM’s decades of expertise and therefore include polymers alongside UV filters, skin bioactives and vitamins. Ingredients can be combined to create hybrid formulations that style, protect and provide care, so consumers get a product that fits in with their individual lifestyle and need.

Hair Care Formulations

  • ALP’DRY shampoo formulation

    This ALP’DRY shampoo hair care formulation keeps your hair looking fresh and clean between washes. Containing organic skin care ingredients, vitamins and sensory modifiers.

  • Anti-Flaking Scrub Scalp Care Formulation

    This scrub hair care formulation deeply cleans the scalp removing impurities while carefully selected natural personal care ingredients deliver multiple benefits to the scalp and hair.

  • Chic shine hairspray formulation

    This hairspray hair care formulation is designed to provide luxurious gloss and addictive shine due to a hair styling polymer and a natural certified active ingredient.

  • ColorLock conditioner formulation

    This creamy rinse-off hair care formulation conditioner provides true color brilliance with a soft feel. It contains hair care polymers, sunscreen and bioactives ingredients.

  • ColorLock shampoo formulation

    This shampoo hair care formulation is designed to give hair a fresh, vibrant color and a brilliant shine. Featuring hair polymers and sunscreen ingredients.

  • Crystal clear styling hair wax+ formulation

    A hard-wax hair care formulation for incredible shine and slick look. Creates ultimate definition without drying hair out. Featuring effective hair polymers and natural certified cosmetic ingredients.

  • Curl defining cream hair formulation

    This curl defining hair care cream formulation conditions, protects and styles for a natural look that keeps curls moving. Enriched with UV-filters and cosmetic ingredients.

  • Hair Reactivator Serum Formulation

    Combining a selected blend of vitamin ingredients with an organic alpine actives ingredient gives this powerful hair reactivator serum formulation strong anti-aging properties

  • Liftoff Styling Potion Wax Formulation

    A Styling Potion Wax Formulation with a light soufflé and soft texture powered by TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA for a lightweight style. Natural hold and volume boost will be ensured by the styling ingredient TILAMAR® Fix A1000 and the volume boosting polymer ingredient TILAMAR® Boost 150.

  • Messy matt gum hair care formulation

    This Messy Matt Gum hair care formulation helps getting the “out of bed” style, creating a soft and matt finish. Enhanced with skin bioactive ingredients, vitamins and UV-filters.

  • Nourishing Hair Mask Formulation

    Enriched with Vitamins B5 to enhance moisturization while strengthening the hair, this mask hair care formulation combines 3 unique natural ingredients inspired by the skinification trend.

  • Personalized Shot Hair Care Formulations

    This four different shot application are suitable for personalized shampoo and mask formulations. They serve individual needs of hair growth and vitality, shine and repair, the prevention of hair greying or scalp care.

  • Rescue calm shampoo formulation

    The rescue calm shampoo formulation relieves a dry and itchy scalp. The formulation features moisturizing cosmetic active ingredients and hair conditioning ingredients.

  • Shine & hold hairspray formulation

    This Shine & hold hairspray formulation provides extra strong hold and a natural feel. Natural skin care ingredients deliver a shine boost, and soluble sunscreen ingredients offer efficient UV-B protection.

  • Silver Fox 24h Volume Shampoo Formulation

    Thanks to the unique polymer ingredient TILAMAR® Boost 150 there’s now an easy way for white hair becoming thinner with ageing to enjoy long lasting beautifully volumized hair without compromising on care!

  • Strengthening Hair Shampoo Formulation

    This microbiome-friendly shampoo formulation contains Vitamin B5 to enhance moisturization and hair strength, and the microbiome-friendly polymer ingredient TILAMAR® Boost 150, delivering long-lasting volume with care.

  • Sulfate-Free 24h Volume Shampoo

    With this sulfate free shampoo formulation you can boost your hair volume up to 24h while leaving it feeling perfectly cared for thanks to the microbiome friendly polymer ingredient TILAMAR® Boost 150.

  • Volume’up clear conditioner formulation

    The Volume’up clear conditioner hair formulation pumps up the volume with an extra touch of care due to the hair polymer TILAMAR® Boost 150. Enriched with effective skin care cosmetic ingredients.

  • Volume’up shampoo formulation

    This crystal lightweight Volume’Up shampoo hair care formulation contains vitamins for hair strengths and skin bioactive ingredients for additional scalp hydration.