Shoring up skin’s defenses with the power of vitamin ingredients

Shoring up skin’s defenses with the power of vitamin ingredients

Today’s engaged consumers are looking out for their health and wellness more than ever, seeking ways to protect themselves from sickness and disease. The body’s primary defense is naturally the immune system, and there is a sustained and rising interest among consumers to support this vital function.

A Mintel study among consumers in Canada reveals that over a third are interested in vitamin ingredients, minerals or supplements that help improve the immune system, while respondents in the US and Thailand believe that products that support immune health would be motivating when purchasing food and drink (35% and 47%, respectively). Younger people especially are keen to look out for their immune health: in a recent study, nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials are adding more nutrients and vitamins to their diet to help boost the immune system1.

Protection inside and out

A balanced, vitamin-rich diet will go a long way toward strengthening immune health on the inside, but their power doesn’t stop there. Applied topically, vitamin ingredients are also beneficial for the skin and an important tool to shore up immune health from the outside. As a complement to dietary consumption, vitamins can bolster and strengthen skin’s defenses from external aggressors while also promoting a healthy-looking complexion.

Like the body’s immune system, the skin’s is also a complex and sophisticated network. But unlike the body’s, skin is constantly exposed, which makes proper protection even more vital. Each layer of the epidermis plays a specific role in recognizing and even actively fighting aggressors. The most advanced may be the Langerhans cells, which control skin immunity by recognizing infectives and preparing the skin for a highly specific immune response. What’s more, these cells can “remember” each response. They are especially sensitive to stress and UV light.

Time for a vitamin power play

With harsher conditions on the horizon – dropping temperatures, dry air – it’s an opportune time to consider how to keep skin nourished and keep its defenses robust and resilient. As a leader in the vitamin market, DSM has assembled a team of four hero vitamin ingredients, developed into a wide range of cosmetic formulations, ready to nurture healthy beauty and strengthen skin’s defenses.

1 Lightspeed/Mintel May 2020

This superfood-inspired collection includes these can’t-miss vitamins

It can feel like there’s no shortage of threats to health and wellness these days, which makes a strong immune system even more important. Thankfully, the power of vitamins is on our side, ready to help strengthen our defenses from the inside and the outside.

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    Vitamin E has proven antioxidant effects, enhances moisturization and strengthens the skin barrier. DSM’s Quali E is the most sustainable synthetic vitamin form on the market.

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    STAY-C 50 is a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenge. The vitamin active works for a better-looking skin tone and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and acne.

  • Panthenol Panthenol


    The vitamin Panthenol is valued in skin and hair care cosmetic applications for its moisturizing properties. It soothes sensitive skin and is known for its humectant properties in hair care.



    In cosmetic applications, Niacinamide PC, a form of vitamin B3, helps to rebalance skin pigmentation, refines pores and improves skin elasticity. It helps to protect from UV and blue light damage.

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