Press Release

DSM Personal Care – An Introduction

When you are a business to business company (B2B) it can be difficult to explain exactly what your work is to the end user; people that benefit from your results, but do not even know that it comes from you.

At DSM Personal Care our mission is to reveal the power of beauty, but to do this we need to go and ask what is beauty in the first place. Building a foundation of beauty insights is achieved in markets around the world and is reflected in people’s beauty aspirations in the past, present and future.

We believe that if we are going to constantly challenge ourselves to understand people and beauty, it is only fair to open ourselves up and share our passion and work to consumers around the world too.

We created the video “DSM Personal Care – An introduction” to create something tangible and transparent for anyone who looks at us. By creating a simple but effective story, we want to show how close we are in everyone’s daily lives and how we support our customers in creating products that really matter.

Enjoy watching the video.