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DSM’s new guide “House of Naturals” reveals that more than 45% of DSM’s personal care portfolio is of natural origin

Kaiseraugst, CH, 04 Sep 2018 12:00 CEST

DSM’s Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients business unit, one of the industry’s leading suppliers to the personal care, home care and fine fragrance markets, will showcase its new House of Naturals at In-cosmetics Brazil booth #D50 on 19-20 September 2018. Reflecting the company’s commitments to transparency and delivering on customer expectations for natural products, House of Naturals includes a new guide to DSM’s broad portfolio of natural, organic and sustainable ingredients and clear information on natural certifications.  

Naturals labeling made simple

In line with its long-term commitment to transparency, DSM has reviewed its entire personal care range according to well-known certifications such as COSMOS and NATRUE, and the recently introduced ISO 16128 standard on definitions for natural ingredients. The company has then used this information to develop a new icon system for its broad Naturals portfolio. DSM’s House of Naturals serves as an easy-to-use navigation aid and provides customers with clarity about the degree of natural origin in different ingredients and production processes. It also includes guidance on certifications and regulations for natural products.

“DSM is committed to providing transparent information about its ingredients” comments Rishabh Pande, Vice President Marketing & Innovation Personal Care & Aroma at DSM. “We welcome the clarity that the new ISO 16128 standard provides but believe it could go even further. We have therefore joined forces with industry representatives and the European body the FEBEA to compile a report that will offer new insights into the technical aspects of this standard”.

Although the ISO standard permits materials with 50% natural content in active compound, DSM goes further and introduces stricter requirements for its House of Naturals portfolio. The company stipulates a natural origin score of 60% or above for ingredients in its House of Naturals. It applies to those ingredients where an active part is of natural origin and that do comply with Green Chemistry principles.

Natural & organic ingredients – more than just a trend

Natural ingredients and green credentials are now a priority for many facial skincare users. According to a Mintel study, half of UK consumers who purchased beauty products in the last year sought products made with natural ingredients. DSM’s own social media influencers study reveal that consumers expect ethical and sustainable practices from manufacturers, are wary of misleading claims and want reliable and transparent labeling to aid their decision making.  With technology providing instant access to information beyond the product label, consumer demands for more transparency on green claims, ingredients, and processes will continue to rise.

DSM – reassuringly natural

More than 45 % of DSM’s House of Naturals portfolio is of natural origin. Its ingredients are certified at various levels and originate from a wide range of raw materials including edible vegetables, herbs, oils, marine/algae, silk and milk yeast/fermentation and minerals. More specifically, the portfolio includes:

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