Celebrating natural looking hair

Be Yourself

As more and more women reject imposed ideals of beauty and embrace their natural hair type, demand for gentler, more convenient products is increasing.

Embrace your curly hair!

Women often feel a sense of pressure from society and the media to look a certain way, but the tide is turning. Feminist and Afro movements that started online are shaping an inclusive, culturally diverse beauty landscape, and hair is playing a key role in these developments. Our consumer insights team recently travelled to Brazil to ask people how they feel about their hair and what their desires are for the products of the future.1 We found a strong move to resist the pressure for straight hair and to recapture a more natural look.

Convenient and effortless style

As this trend spreads, there is a clear need for guidance about how to take a more natural approach to curl hair care. Although many women want to work with their curls, they are skeptical as products in the past didn’t achieve the desired look or feel. According to MINTEL2, lightweight, non-sticky and non-hardening products that compliment natural hair texture are the way forward. What's more, on a typical morning 68% of women who use hair care products spend as little time as possible on care and styling. “Effortless” and “convenient” are therefore key qualities to look for in any product.

Empowering consumers to be true to who they are, without compromise

At DSM we firmly believe in embracing and supporting the trend towards easy, natural, personalized style. In-home mixes that encourage experimentation and specific solutions for specific hair types put consumers back in control and add a sense of fun too. Hence we’ve been creating TILAMAR® enriched formulations like mousses, creams, shampoos, serums and gums specifically developed to soften, define or maintain natural curls, enabling women to achieve the look they dream of.

Contact us to find out more about our research in Brazil and how we are developing personal care ingredients to support Curl Pride.

1 DSM Brazilian Consumer Insights Study: conducted in three regions to reflect Brazil’s climate and cultural diversity, with nine in-home ethnographic friendship interviews and six in-salon ethnographic interviews.
2 Mintel report: Hair styling brands should promote convenience, February 2017

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