Corrects both conspicuous facial pores and age spots

The natural skin care ingredient providing skin an improved appearance after the age of 30

Most people looking for beautiful skin think first of eliminating lines and wrinkles. But other concerns, such as conspicuous facial pores and age spots, may be equally troubling. These arise after the age of 30 and are mainly caused by the aging process, exacerbated by sun damage. In-vivo studies have confirmed the outstanding efficacy of the bioactive cosmetic ingredient BEAUACTIVE® which results in a visible reduction of conspicuous facial pores and age spots, giving skin a younger, improved appearance after the age of 30.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Hydroxystearic acid
  • High purity, sustainable Hydroxystearic acid
  • Manufactured using green technology
  • Halal compliant (porcine and alcohol free, not certified) 
  • Does not contain any intentionally added substances regulated / listed as preservatives



  • Visibly reduces the appearance of conspicuous facial pores
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of age spot 
  • Makes skin look younger and improves appearance after the age of 30


Complies with the NATRUE Criteria

Mode of Action

DSM researchers discovered that, in vitro, BEAUACTIVE® activates the master cell regulator PPARα which triggers multi-target effects for better skin. Upon UVB stress BEAUACTIVE® hinders the production of both sunburn cells and the stress marker p53 which can increase skin pigmentation. BEAUACTIVE® also helps the skin to make more collagen, a key structural factor in the prevention of conspicuous facial pores.

BEAUACTIVE® - how does it work?

  1. In the in-silico model the skincare ingredient BEAUACTIVE® docks into PPARα, a master cell regulator whose activation influences multiple targets.
  2. BEAUACTIVE® improves cell protection by reducing the production of UV-induced sunburn cells.
  3. BEAUACTIVE® decreases UV stress marker p53 leading to reduced production of melanin. It is therefore effective at correcting age spots.
  4. BEAUACTIVE® decreases UV-induced MMP expression and increases Collagen I and III to help in the reduction of conspicuous facial pores.

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