A water soluble UV-B filter for dry-touch high SPF formulations

A strong UV-B absorber ideal for water-based transparent sunscreen formulations

PARSOL® HS (INCI name: Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid) is a strong UV-B absorber providing great SPF contribution for all kind of cosmetic formulations. In addition, the UV filter is well suitable for water based transparent sunscreen formulations like gels or clear sprays that provides a tremendous SPF boost in combination with a wide range of sun filters combinations like with PARSOL® SLX. An odorless, off-white powder, PARSOL® HS is water soluble on neutralization and thus compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. It has an excellent photo stability and safety profile. Because it leaves a dry touch on the skin, PARSOL® HS is specifically recommended for light feel day care products and sunscreens. This UV filter is approved worldwide in various concentrations.

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