More than an acidifier!

Biotronic®, a unique formula of proven synergistic ingredients, contains organic acid, a phytochemical compound, and the Biomin® Permeabilizing Complex. 

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Biotronic® - Innovative pathogen control

Main Benefits

  • Reduces pH in the stomach
  • Balances intestinal microbiota
  • Low inclusion rate due to synergistic ingredients
  • No negative side effects or withdrawal periods
  • Increases profitability


  • Suitable for mash and pellet feed, incorporated into feed directly during compounding, before pelleting.
  • Biotronic® can be supplemented across all phases of production in swine and poultry diets.

Mode of Action

Biomin® Permeabilizing Complex increases membrane permeability to help organic acids and cinnamaldehyde to get into the bacterial cell.

Cinnamaldehyde works synergistically with organic acids to maintain a balanced gut microbial population. Cinnamaldehyde plays an essential role in reducing the bacterial cell division.

Organic acids in their undissociated form are able to enter the bacterial cell and exert antimicrobial effects. A combination of organic acid, cinnamaldehyde and permeabilizing complex provide greater efficacy in reducing growth of pathogenic bacteria than using single ingredient.

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