ProAct 360™


ProAct 360TM – Setting the new Standard in Feed Protease

dsm-firmenich is the first and only supplier to launch its second generation feed protease, ProAct 360TM, in order to further reduce production costs, while making  animal production even more sustainable.

ProAct 360TM, constitutes a complete perspective; perfected for progress.

ProAct 360TM is the new protease market reference, which not only optimizes amino acids digestibility, but also supports sustainable animal production.

ProAct 360TM further increases amino acids digestibility, reduces costs, mitigates effects of feed protein variability, reduces adverse effects of soy anti-nutritional factors.

ProAct 360TM  is a completely new molecule, with broad specificity (active on a broad range of raw materials) cautiously selected among millions of proteases and specifically optimized for use in feed production (pH, thermostability, complementarity to endogenous proteases and to other feed enzymes).

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Selected species

A complete perspective. Perfected for Progress.

  • High Nutritional & Health Performance: improving protein digestibility and gastrointestinal integrity
  • New Commercial Models: affordable inclusion costs and improved ROI
  • Sustainable Business Contribution: improved performance for lower environmental impact and better animal welfare
  • End-to-End Digital Services: for maximum convenience and peace of mind through better decision making 

ProAct 360TM  thus further improves performance over RONOZYME® ProAct:

  • More consistent (and better) FCR improvement
  • Higher amino acid digestibility improvement for all amino acids
  • Better at degrading Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANF) like Trypsin inhibitors
  • Faster protein hydrolysis

ProAct 360TM brings the improvement of amino acid digestibility to the next level. This allows a safe implementation of low protein diets without compromising on animal performance.

ProAct 360TM  can contribute to significant cost savings, through diet optimization (using dsm-firmenich recommended nutrient matrices), but also via the more efficient use of natural resources (less soy, alternative raw materials...).

Optimal product formulation

ProAct 360TM is available in heat stable free-flowing & dust free GT form

Recommendations for use in the U.S.:
Broilers: 50 g/mT of ProAct 360TM for poultry. Always check and comply with local regulations.

Layers: 33 g/mT of ProAct 360TM for poultry. Always check and comply with local regulations.

Your benefits

Adding ProAct 360TM  delivers the following key benefits:

  • Consistent improvement of amino acid digestibility
  • Flexible feed formulation for substantial cost savings
  • More sustainable production:
    • 1/ efficient use of natural resources: lower soy utilization and more alternative (local and by-products) raw materials 
    • 2/ reduction of livestock emissions: A protease solution created to increase feed efficiency and reduce emissions from livestock manure.
    • 3/ lifetime performance & animal welfare: significantly reducing ammonia in the poultry houses (broilers).

Beyond its technical superiority,  ProAct 360TM  brings more added value around protease technology to its customers, and offers them with an enhanced product experience (getting the most of protease technology).

ProAct 360TM  thus offers an access to a “one-stop-shop” digital platform, which contains the services: such as specific NiR analysis (through calibration sharing), a product calculator/simulator regarding positive contribution in terms of both Matrix values and Sustainability KPIs; and feed analysis service to quantify enzymes recovery after pelleting.

The ultimate goal of these integrated and interconnected services is to ensure better decision making for dsm-firmenich customers regarding feed formulation and the use of protease technology. Please check local registrations.