Swine Nutrition and Health

There is a growing global demand for pork and pork products. Producers at all stages of the production chain therefore focus on several key factors, namely:

  • Cost-effective production of a high quality product
  • Achieving the high animal welfare standards required to meet animal needs and consumer demands
  • Minimizing the impact of pork production on the environment

We have great experience across the global swine sector. We deliver innovative and effective nutrition and health solutions to help customers meet the many challenges they face.

Sow Protection You Can Trust

Learn about how at DSM we can help you optimize sow longevity and sow performance for a more sustainable swine production.

Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

Learn about how at DSM we can help you overcome the challenges of a Sustainable Pig(let) Farming

Top Swine Challenges

Improving Nutrition & Performance

Supporting Animal Health

Enhancing End-product Quality

Ensuring Sustainability & Animal Welfare

Safeguarding Feed Quality


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