Discover why Molecular modeling is at the top of its game

Today’s consumers, especially older Millennials, want high-quality, targeted, and vegan- friendly cosmetics products that work on their skin..  Synthetic skin care peptides can help meet all these needs and we expect them to play a growing role in personal care from now on.

Our scientists created our SYN®-AKE and SYN-GLOW® peptides using Rational Design, an exclusive, rapid bio-molecular modeling approach. In two recent scientific papers we describe our approach and explain how these synthetic skin care ingredients deliver proven, scientific claim substantiation.

Novel pentapeptide enhances skin’s natural, healthy glow by boosting MC1R

SYN-GLOW® was selected from a library of >100 peptides for its activation efficacy and is proven, in vitro, to activate Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R), the master regulator of natural skin pigmentation. As well as influencing skin tone, MC1R modulates skin’s defenses against oxidative stress and helps cells fight against UV-induced DNA damage. In our in vivo studies, SYN-GLOW® was proven to provide a natural healthy glow in just 5 days, prolong summer tanning, strengthen skin’s natural defenses from within, and deliver a bespoke complexion.

The relaxation of wrinkles caused by facial expression with a synthetic peptide

SYN®-AKE acts by inhibiting the nicotonic acetylcholine receptor, blocking muscular contraction. It is already proven to relax facial mimic muscles and smooth out facial wrinkles in mature skin. In new studies, we used an innovative visualization technique, involving mothers and daughters, to illustrate how facial expressions in younger women progress to mimic lines and wrinkles over time. Through this technique, we can now show that as well as reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles in older women, SYN®-AKE can help delay their progression in women under 35 too.