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DSM reveals the power of beauty through rejuvenating, protecting and sensory enhancing ingredients at in-cosmetics, Asia

Kaiseraugst, CH, 22 Oct 2014 12:00 CEST

At the in-cosmetics tradeshow in Bangkok, Thailand, from 4th - 6th November 2014, DSM continues to demonstrate its commitment in revealing the true power of beauty; the heart of its identity launched last year for the Personal Care market. Driven by a strong belief that beauty enriches people’s lives, DSM is proud to present a range of transformational beauty care ingredients and concepts. This is demonstrated through innovative developments, exciting new studies and break-through concepts in Skin, Sun and Hair Care. Furthermore,  DSM invites customers to experience the ‘Power of Beauty’ through rejuvenating, protecting and sensory enhancing ingredients at the DSM booth.

When it comes to long-term beauty transformation and skin aging, senescence has recently been very much in the spotlight. As a key factor in natural cellular aging, senescence provides a new approach in seeking preventive anti-aging solutions. Latest DSM research culminated in REGU®- SCENCE; an active that is carefully isolated and purified from Asparagus officinalis ‘Grolim’, the pearl of Navarra. With its unique mechanism of action, this asparagus variety offers a solution to the naturally occurring cellular aging process by stimulating the skin’s own autophagy capabilities, thus helping to delay signs of cellular aging by decades. Extended in-vivo studies have confirmed the efficacy of REGU- SCENCE in improving the appearance of two major signs of aging in the skin: collagen loss and dermis thinning. Visitors can learn more about REGU-SCENCE at the Innovation Seminar on 6th November at 1.30 pm in the Innovation Theatre.

DSM is one of the leading players in synthetic bioactive peptides. This includes its SYN®-Peptide portfolio which is proven to be highly effective in fighting against the ageing process. The latest highlight, following ten years success of DSM’s patented SYN-Peptides portfolio, is that as of July 2014, the peptides SYN-AKE and SYN-HYCAN are now listed by the Chinese Food & Drug Authority (CFDA). Together with SYN-COLL, which was already listed by CFDA in September 2012, customers are able to expand the application of SYN-Peptides by tailored combination and formulation for visible and targeted effects. Comprehensive studies have shown that the skin becomes smoother and softer to the touch with an overall younger-looking appearance in only 28 days. DSM invites its customers to experience the holistic approach for the skin smoothening and lifting by SYN-Peptides at the DSM booth.

Building on DSM's dedication to a holistic beauty experience, where appearance and sensation are both equally important, DSM is pleased to announce the launch of VALVANCE™ in Asia: the new range of sensory and visual modifiers. VALVANCE is DSM’s answer to requests and needs by consumers and customers for more pleasant textures and strongly perceived effects. The only sensory line with cross-segmental roots, it has been developed with DSM’s outstanding  expertise and passion in all aspects of Skin and Sun care. Besides a strong immediate result, consumers receive a fully substantiated performance benefit thanks to the newly developed “Bright Eye”, “Shine Control & Pore Minimizer” and “Comfortable in the Sun” concepts featuring VALVANCE.

Sensorial elegance of the formulations is a particular focus in Sun Care. By combining PARSOL® UV filters, the AMPHISOL® K emulsifier, Skin Care actives, vitamins and VALVANCE sensory enhancers, DSM presents its latest holistic UV protection solution. It turns day care with UV protection and beach sunscreens into desirable formulations for consumers by optimizing the UV protection performance and sensory characteristics. Recently DSM identified these proof points by conducting qualitative and quantitative consumer studies to justify the demand. Furthermore, DSM’s sensory expert panel established a global sensory mapping of personal care product benchmarks, allowing its customers to differentiate themselves on the market vs. those benchmarks. Customers are supported in navigating their way through ingredient combinations to achieve desired sensory effects with minimal formulation effort. It also enables marketers to choose between different sensorial characteristics and positioning options to fully meet consumer requirements.

Wang Chang, Lead Regional Marketing Manager Personal Care Asia Pacific, comments: "We are proud to bring our latest innovations and concepts, which are centered on consumer insights and customer needs, to this leading business platform for personal care ingredients in Asia. We are excited to be here once again to demonstrate our commitment to focus on the high growth in this emerging market and deliver safe, effective and creative products to the market that truly serve the needs of consumers."

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