For a stronger skin barrier and healthy-looking skin

The peptide ingredient to fight against dry skin conditions and skin redness by interacting with the skin microbiome

A resilient skin barrier and equilibrium in the skin microbiome go hand in hand. Earlier studies have shown that our unique peptide cosmetic ingredient SYN-UP® can improve skin barrier function by rebalancing urokinase and plasmin levels in the epidermis.  Now, a new clinical study shows that SYN-UP® also has excellent capacity to fight against dry skin conditions and, skin redness, due to its interaction on two common bacteria on the skin.

Product Features

  • Inci name (active): Amidinobenzyl Benzylsulfonyl D-Seryl Homophenylalaninamide Acetate
  • Sophisticated patented synthetic dipeptide derivative 

  • Significant inhibition of urokinase activity by up to 97%

  • Significant inhibition of plasmin activity by up to 41% 

  • Significant reduction of MMP9 by up to 60%

  • Strong reduction of CXCL5 and IL-8 – markers for skin sensitivity and inflammation 

  • Inhibits Staphylococcus Aureus levels in vitro

  • Fights against dry skin conditions by boosting Staphylococcus 
    Epidermidis levels – the influential keystone for healthy skin

  • Improves skin barrier and reduces high Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii levels – a novel target for the control of skin redness 


  • Fights against dry and red skin conditions
  • Makes skin more resilient to stress attacks day- by-day
  • Real, significant prevention of dry skin conditions
  • Visible, improvement of dry skin conditions 
  • Impressive reduction of stinging sensations
  • Significant promotion of great looking skin

Mode of Action

It has been shown in vitro that SYN-UP® inhibits urokinase and plasmin and thus blocks downstream pathways, leading to high skin resilience and an improvement in dry skin conditions. DSM’s novel, in vivo study reveals that SYN-UP® fights against dry skin conditions and skin redness by boosting levels of Staphylococcus Epidermidis and reducing Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii levels.

Restoring the skin’s youthful resilience to dry skin conditions

In skin conditions with reduced resilience such as dry skin, plasminogen is expressed in all epidermal cell layers and is activated by urokinase, causing release of plasmin. Plasmin and urokinase degrade and activate various proteins. This leads to degradation of corneodesmosomes, the intercellular adhesive structures that connect corneocytes, and to damage of extracellular structures, as well as to cells themselves, with increased desquamation of the skin. Plasmin activities also affect the cornified envelopes, which are important for the maintenance and integrity of the stratum corneum, and plasmin activates MMP 9, leading to increased levels of inflammatory cytokines. By influencing Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii levels in the skin microbiome and rebalancing urokinase and plasmin symbiotically, SYN®-UP fights against dry skin conditions and redness. This means consumers can have confidence in achieving a stronger skin barrier and healthy-looking skin.

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